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Meghann Cannelli

Jan 09, 2017 02:52PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Meghann Cannelli

St. Mary’s Elementary School, Annapolis

Years teaching at St. Mary’s: 4

Currently teaching: 2nd and 4th grades

Proudest teaching moment: “My first day. I wasn’t always a teacher. After making the decision to leave my previous career to pursue teaching, I took several classes in a condensed amount of time to get my certification. The program moved so quickly that when the day came for me to begin my teaching career, I began second-guessing my decision. I was beyond nervous. When the first day of school arrived, I stood in front of class to welcome the students. In that moment, all my fears faded away and were replaced with an overwhelming sense of contentment.”

Teaching philosophy: “I believe it is important to build a classroom community where each student feels challenged to push beyond their fears to learn and grow. I try to create a learning culture where students take risks and push themselves beyond their comfort zones on a regular basis.”  

Toughest challenge facing educators: “Student motivation. It can be difficult to engage the learner to develop their own internal desire to succeed. I find that having students reflect on assessments and other assignments helps to provide the students with valuable feedback that spurs growth and motivation.”

Mrs. Cannelli brings a wealth of strategies and innovations to her fourth grade students. She creates a classroom climate that builds community, kindness and respect for learning. Her students are engaged in educational activities that embrace the whole child and their unique learning preferences. Mrs. Cannelli embodies Christian spirit and celebrates the great tradition of Catholic education. Led by her example, Mrs. Cannelli’s students prosper and grow under her carefully planned instruction. Each child is celebrated as they develop and mature as learners. Mrs. Cannelli is a true gift to the St. Mary’s Elementary School community.” —Rebecca Zimmerman, Principal

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