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Christian D. Pazdersky

Jan 09, 2017 02:58PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Christian D. Pazdersky

St. Anne’s School of Annapolis

Years teaching at St. Anne’s: 7

Currently teaching: 6th–8th grades, Mathematics 6, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I

Proudest teaching moment: “I think of a student that I taught who struggled a little with math, but he would come in regularly for extra help and improved greatly with his skill and confidence in math. As he moved into eighth grade, math started to come much more naturally to him. When he was getting ready to go off to his upper school of choice, he shared that he was even thinking of being a math major when he got to college. I am quite proud to think that I played a part in building this student’s confidence and interest in math.”

Teaching philosophy:  “My teaching philosophy is centered on what the student needs in order to learn. From this perspective, I recognize that students need to collaborate in order to develop mathematical ideas, and to meet their own social needs as adolescents.”

Toughest challenge facing educators: “One of the toughest challenges facing educators today is how to best use technology to support student learning. In class, I find using the in-person time is best suited for learning new ideas, developing mathematical concepts, and sharing and critiquing mathematical arguments. Automated graphing tools and interactive models on the computer can be a great way to support this work in the classroom. Additionally, web-based homework assignments provide students with the opportunity to practice skills, receive immediate feedback on their mastery, access point-of-use learning supports, and provides personalized suggestions for further practice when students are outside of class.”

Mr. Pazdersky has been a teacher-leader who has taken on a number of leadership roles to support the community, including serving as our Developmental Designs Resource Teacher. He also participated in the school’s inaugural trip to Costa Rica as the students pursued service learning and environmental science opportunities. Working with our parent community, he has held parent education workshops to further share the school’s approach to mathematics. As the mathematics department head, Christian has worked with students as young as Kindergarten and has guided teachers in developing and implementing math lessons in the classroom.” —Lisa Nagel, Head of School

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