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Carolyn Beall

Jan 09, 2017 03:04PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Carolyn Beall

Annapolis Area Christian School, Annapolis

Years teaching at AACS: 2

Currently teaching: 1st–2nd grade General Education, Special Education

Proudest teaching moment: “I assigned a long term project about the Olympics to a group of students, who really had a hard time academically. I had to walk them through each step and give a lot of extra support. As the due date approached, I knew they had learned some reading skills, but I was concerned about what the final products would look like. One student proudly found me the morning the project was due. She excitedly showed me her project and told me that she had used her snow days to do more research and to find objects from her home to create her projects. She could explain each of the facts that she had researched. She was even able to answer questions that her classmates asked her about her project. She beamed while I turned away and cried those happy tears.”

Teaching philosophy: “I believe that all students should be able to be a part of a community. One of my greatest challenges and loves is to help all students see themselves as uniquely created by God. I love helping students find their strengths and use those strengths to figure out how they learn. My job as an educator is to not just teach curriculum but to teach students- to help them see themselves as life long term learners.”

Toughest challenge facing educators: “One of the toughest challenges for teachers is to determine what’s most important to focus on each day. I often have to remind myself that I chose teaching because I care about students. When I look at students individually and focus on helping them take the next step in their learning—the next step towards independence, that’s when I stop being overwhelmed.”

Carolyn came to us in August of 2015 and has made an enormous impact on our entire school in the course of a single year. As a graduate of our school, she already understood our culture. As an experienced teacher in the area of special education, she understood how to help students who may struggle without extra support. It quickly became obvious that her perspective could benefit more than just Lower School students, and she is now our Director of Educational Support for Pre-K through grade 12. She has a servant’s heart, great wisdom, and the ability to tackle challenges with a quiet steadiness such that students, teachers, and parents know they are in great hands.” — Rick Kempton, AACS Superintendent

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