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Athlete Worth Watching: Trevor Goodwin, Cambridge South Dorchester High School Cross Country

Jan 16, 2017 12:34PM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Annie Hynes

For some kids, walking is just not an option. You know the type, once their feet hit the ground they are running wherever they go. Trevor Goodwin ran his first race at the tender age of 11. A 5K in under 23 minutes. In 5th grade he ran and won a mile race in under seven minutes. It was at that time (at the age of 10) that he started practicing with the Cambridge South Dorchester High School Cross Country team. It was after that first 5K race that he became obsessed with running and the need to get his time down and improve his standings in the race.

Trevor officially became part of the team in 9th grade and started making his mark almost immediately. In the last two years he has had some impressive statistics: 2015 Bayside XC championships, 4th place; 2015 1A east regional XC championships, 3rd place individual, 1st place team; 2016 Bayside T&F championships, 1st place 4x800, 1st place 1600, 3rd place 3200; 2016 1A east regional T&F championships, 1st place 3200, 3rd place 1600; 2016 1A State championships, 6th place 3200.

Always the team player, Trevor is quick to point out the strengths of his fellow runners; “My favorite race in cross country was probably my worst race during my junior year, however it was our team’s best race and that’s what made it so special. The 2015 1A east regional championships was a blowout. Our top five runners were only 18 seconds apart at the finish line, and our entire seven-man squad came in the top 15 places. I would have liked to have been a bit faster in that race, but I was more than happy to sit back and watch as my team came through and dominated the course. My most memorable individual race was the 2016 Bayside Championships 1600M race. I won, running my best time ever, and it was the first time that I had won a championship race.”

This year, CSDHS is poised to continue this winning tradition, fielding yet another very strong team. According to his coach Sean Reincke, Trevor is a big part of this winning team. “Trevor has been one of the most dedicated runners I have ever coached. He has run a 4:46 mile and 16:51 for three miles.” Reincke believes that he is one of the best runners in the Bayside Conference and top tier runner in the state. 

For Trevor, running isn’t just about winning the race. It gives him a sense of well-being and accomplishment. “Our bodies, even though they are built to run long distances, don’t like to run. It hurts, it makes people tired, so the biggest challenge for me is ignoring all the pain and suffering that running brings, and trusting my training. At this point, most people ask why I like it after hearing about all of the pain it brings. I love running because of the sense of accomplishment it brings to me. Crossing the finish line or just completing a run makes me feel like I worked as hard as I could that day, and I fought my way through the hardest part of my day. Running has turned into a part of me, not just something I do.”

School work is also something very important to him. Trevor believes a good student is a motivated one, “Intelligence has little to do with being a good student, because people can still be incredibly lazy with a great mind. It’s not easy to stay motivated, but those who can do it tend to stay on top.” According to Dan Dobronz, Athletic Director of the CSDHS Vikings, Trevor is very motivated, “Trevor is an outstanding student-athlete at CSDHS. He competes in Cross Country and Track & Field as well as maintains a very impressive GPA.”

Trevor plans on attending a small liberal arts school and hopes to continue running at the NCAA Division III level. He is a member of Cambridge Multi-Sport, the local triathlon group. (They are a triathlon group that his dad ran with when he met coach Reincke). He is also a member of the National Honor Society, a volunteer for Cambridge Main Street, and employed as a lifeguard at the Dorchester County Family YMCA.