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Determine where you fall on the Fitzpatrick Scale for the Right Peel for You

Jan 25, 2017 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Thinking of getting a cosmetic peel? One of the first things your doctor will do is determine where you fall on the Fitzpatrick Scale so she can recommend just the right peel for you!

Here is an example of skin charting based on the Fitzpatrick Scale—a numerical classification schema for human skin color. It was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist, as a way to estimate the response of different types of skin to ultraviolet UV light.

Type 1: scores 0–6 - always burns, never tans pale white blonde or red hair blue eyes freckles

Type 2: scores 7–13 - usually burns, tans minimally, white, fair, blond, or red hair, blue, green or hazel eyes

Type 3: scores 14–20 - sometimes mild burn, tans uniformly, cream, white, fair with any hair or eye color

Type 4: scores 21–27 - burns minimally, always tans well, moderate brown hair

Type 5: scores 28–34 - very rarely burns, tans very easily, dark brown hair

Type 6: scores 35–36 - never burns, never tans, deeply pigmented dark brown hair

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