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Jan 26, 2017 03:16PM ● By Cate Reynolds
*Special Advertising Section*
W. Maxwell Fryer, Financial Specialist; Kevin Flaherty, Financial Advisor



When it comes to personal finance, we all have our anxieties. For some, it’s looking at the numbers and trying to figure out how to make that money last comfortably through retirement. For others, it’s eyeing the rising costs of college tuition and trying to determine how to pay for a child’s future education. For more still, it’s balancing a myriad of short-term financial needs with long-term goals.

Truth be told, no two people have the very same financial objectives – every situation is unique, and as such, requires unique planning and execution. That’s exactly the sort of service PNC Investments Financial Advisor Kevin Flaherty provides.

Working in conjunction with Financial Specialist W. Maxwell Fryer and his colleagues within PNC Investments, Kevin offers clients a holistic approach to financial planning. It’s a process designed to help each client understand their unique financial situation – including short-term demands on their finances, long-term goals and their personal tolerance for risk in pursuing those goals. Ultimately, Kevin aims to help clients carefully consider and prioritize the key components of their financial life.

The result is a series of comprehensive, planning-based options specifically tailored to each client. However, according to Kevin, the financial plan isn’t so much the end result of the process as it is just the beginning. As life is dynamic and can take many changes, Kevin works diligently to help his clients revisit their plans to account for various life changes and their evolving needs. As Kevin is fond of saying, “It’s about helping clients discover where they want their assets to take them, and utilizing all of the resources at their disposal to help get them there.”

Kevin Christopher Flaherty, Financial Advisor
PNC Investments LLC
Office Number 410-820-6168
104 Marlboro Road
Easton MD 21601

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