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Real World Fitness: Bethany Swain

May 17, 2017 02:00PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Mom’s the Word

By Lisa J. Gotto | Photography by Tony Lewis, Jr.

Bethany Swain 38, Journalism Faculty

Exercised with Les Mills Body Pump workout throughout her second pregnancy.

“I was there up until a few weeks before Evan was born.”

Bethany’s Workout:

I am a fitness class fanatic. I have been a member of a gym since I was in high school, but I rarely touch the equipment outside of the group exercise classes. I love the combination of dance, free weights, and yoga: Les Mills BodyJam, Les Mills BodyPump, and Bikram yoga. The classes run 60 to 90 minutes, but I sometimes stop by for a 30-minute session if that’s all I can fit into my schedule. A little workout is better than no workout.

Fitness Personality:

“I would only run if someone were chasing me, so I’d rather do a dance-a-thon than a marathon.”

What role does nutrition play in your life right now?

I love drinking water and I preach it to anyone who will listen, including my journalism students at UMD. Even when my diet isn’t ideal, I know I’m hydrated and not wasting calories on drinks.


Because we know the path to true fitness is a long and challenging one, we would like to thank local resident Bethany Swain for participating in our Real World Fitness story. Perhaps her story will inspire you!

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In the section below, our respondent was asked to check as many of the boxes that apply to her fitness type:

Bethany Swain

Finally getting serious about my health and how I look and feel

Have always aspired to be physically fit

Have trouble finding the time to fit fitness into my day

I have always made fitness a priority

I wish I could be more consistent with my workouts

I feel out of sorts when I haven’t worked out

I am a high-intensity individual when it comes to working out

I am systematic and steady in my approach to working out and weight maintenance

I am excited when it’s time to work out

1. What part of your workout is the most challenging? Why?
The schedule. As a working mom, I have to balance all of my commitments—and not every day goes as planned.

2. What are your goals for how you look and feel?
As a busy working mom, my exercise classes are how I deal with my stress. It is also a fun way to meet up with friends.

3. A diet splurge for me would be:
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. It’s from my hometown and it is rarely in my house because it won’t last long. I also love to bake treats with my sons, as I want them to grow up comfortable in the kitchen.

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