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Chef’s Challenge 2017: A Multi-Chef, Multi-Course Culinary Excursion!

Jul 31, 2017 03:00PM ● By James Houck
By James Houck // Photography by Tony Lewis, Jr.

Though culinary inspiration is often a click of the remote or swipe of a finger from fruition these days, it isn’t often hyper-localized to the tastes and trends occurring in your community. Try googling “crab cake” sometime and you’ll see a myriad of recipes from cultures the world over; crab, it turns out, comes in many forms. Which is why What’s Up? Media is ever-pleased to work with our local chefs, especially those voted as “Best Of,” each year for this “Chefs Challenge” project. The chefs are local, our readers chose them, and they present dishes made with regional influence and bounty. It’s a win, win, win for gourmands.

This year’s challenge boasts three “Best Of” chefs—David Pow of Soul in Annapolis, Ryan & Emily Groll of Eat Sprout! based in Trappe, and Steve Konopelski of Turnbridge Point in Denton— each with unique style and creativity on display in their chosen culinary creations. Embark with us on a culinary excursion from first courses to last. And test your own mettle in the kitchen by giving the recipes herein a try!

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