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The Look for Your Home: Innovation and Ease, A Texture, Material & Finish Report

Sep 05, 2017 09:00AM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

When designing an interior, color is arguably the most important facet. But it’s not the only aspect to be considered. Materials and textiles also play a large role in creating a desired aesthetic. From textures to finishes, these elements help to enhance the overall style of a room, creating harmony and adding interest. And though the two often play the supporting role via accessories, these popular trends demand to be the center of attention.

What’s New?

Innovations within the textile industry are constant and oftentimes overlooked, but these three recent additions warrant recognition.

Crypton Fabric

This engineered textile is stain, odor, and moisture resistant, while remaining a breathable fabric—meaning it’s still comfortable on skin. Additionally, the brand developed an outdoor-specific fabric with enhanced mold and mildew protection, as well as UV-resistant fibers.

Pima Cotton

A fine, long-staple—an industry term that refers to the length of individual fibers—cotton that’s simultaneously strong and soft. Bed sheets are often marked “Supima,” which signifies the trademark of the Supima Assocation that promotes American Pima cotton.

Digital Textile Printing

It’s easier than ever to personalize fabrics—from cotton to polyester to silk—with an original design or photograph, thanks to digital textile printing. Simply submit your image, ideally 300 DPI, to the service provider (a quick web search provided a slew of options!) and within a few weeks, you’ll have custom-designed textiles to transform into curtains, throw pillows, and more.

1. Marble


Marble naturally lends itself to be a focal point of kitchens and bathrooms—think countertops, sinks, and flooring. But it’s just as eye-catching in more unexpected elements, like rugs and throw pillows.

2. Metallics


Incorporate brass, rose gold, copper, and bronze into dramatic lighting fixtures, sleek modern furniture, and geometric wall coverings. No need to panic if you can’t pick just one—these warm-toned metals are perfect for mixing and matching.

3. Botanicals


While florals are always in fashion, exotic, leafy greens are at the core of this trend. For the bold decorator, lush wall coverings are key; for a more minimal approach, fresh greenery and palm-print accessories incorporate the trend more subtly.