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Products We Love: This Month’s Picks from the Beauty Buzz Team

Nov 21, 2017 02:00PM ● By Becca Newell
By Becca Newell

Want to know what’s up in the world of beauty and beyond? Look no further! Here you’ll find the latest and greatest hair, skin, and makeup products, reviewed by our Beauty Buzz Team (and the occasional member of our What’s Up? staff!). Read on, and decide for yourself whether you want to use it or lose it!

Invigorating Sea Mineral Body Scrub by Inis The Energy of the Sea


$19/7 Fl. Oz.,

This spa-strength exfoliator whisks away dullness while recharging and smoothing the skin, thanks to sea minerals and jojoba beads. After a single use, skin is left with a buffed glow. And it’s not just for women—the refreshing scent is suitable for men, too!

“This product is pleasantly invigorating! It’s a nice addition to my shower routine and I’ll be running right out to the store to restock once this bottle is empty!”
—Beauty Buzz Member Gina Roter, 60, Severna Park

Deodorizing Hair Brush Liner with Persimmon by Mirai Clinical


$12/30 Sheets,

Attach one or two sheets to your hair brush to keep it clean and to absorb any dirt or residue from your hair. The anti-static sheets also deodorize hair with natural persimmon extract. And they’re even great for pets!

“When I viewed this package, my first thoughts were,”What?” Well, I became a fan after the first use! The sheets keep my brush clean and hair groomed. What more could one ask?!”
—Beauty Buzz Member Charlene Marcum, 60, Easton

Collagen & HA Complex Cream by SkinWellnessMD®


A moisture-boosting, decadently rich night cream that nourishes dry, dehydrated skin. Simply apply to the face and neck décolleté in the evening, after cleansing the area.

“After applying this rich night cream, my face felt silky smooth. It absorbs quickly into the skin and isn’t greasy. I love the pump applicator and the fact that there isn’t any fragrance to disturb your sleep!”
—Beauty Buzz Member Cathy Belcher, 64, Edgewater

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