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Brow to Chin Primers: 5 Prime Spots for Your Primer

Dec 06, 2017 02:00PM ● By Caley Breese
By Caley Breese

While you may think a primer is just another product to add to your daily skincare and makeup routine, hopefully we can change your mind! The truth is, using a primer allows for easier application and for makeup to last much longer. And you don’t even need to use that much for it to be effective! Here are five prime spots for you to apply your primer, paired with some products we love!


Using a face primer is a great way to prepare your skin and create an even base for your foundation or any other facial product you intend on using. Not only does it prep the skin for makeup application, but it will help smooth over any wrinkles, fine lines, or pores, making it the perfect long-lasting canvas! All you need is a pea-sized amount for full, hydrating coverage! Sunset Light by Veil. $45,

Brows and Lashes

A base coat for your lashes and brows is always a win-win—especially when you can use one product for two places! Prime your brows before using any eyebrow makeup—whether it’s pencil, powder, cream, or any other type of brow cosmetic. This will enhance your brows, giving them a fuller appearance. For your lashes, sweep it on before your mascara to condition and separate. This will allow your lashes to look longer and thicker. You can also wear Elke Lash and Brow Thickener & Primer alone, as it doubles as a thickener and conditioner. Swipe some on nightly for results that enhance your natural appearance! Lash and Brow Thickener & Primer by Elke. $30, 


Fear no more of your eyeshadow fading away! Using an eyeshadow primer helps avoid creasing and absorbs oil for a long-lasting finish, whether you’re in the office all day or out for a night on the town! Using an eyeshadow primer helps the color stay put and stay vibrant. Angel Eyes Primer by Luscious Cosmetics. $14,


There’s a primer for every area of your face, and your lips are definitely not excluded. Save yourself from smudged lipstick and apply this primer beforehand. Using a lip primer will help moisturize, fill in lip lines, and keep color from fading, resulting in beautiful, vibrant lip color all day long! Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil by Urban Decay. $18,

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