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With Honesty and Emotion, Danielle Bradbery Reintroduces Herself with Newest Album Release

Dec 07, 2017 04:00PM ● By Nicole Gould

Photo by Cameron Powell

By Nicole Gould

At 16 years old, Danielle Bradberry was just your average teenager singing in her room. Little did she know that taking a leap of faith at an audition would completely change her life.

Standing behind four of music’s top influences, this timid teen belted out the lyrics to “Mean” by Taylor Swift, capturing the attention of Blake Shelton, Usher, and Adam Levine. Sporting her cowboy boots, this Texas native stayed true to her roots, ultimately choosing Shelton as her coach and becoming the youngest contestant to win the show.

Almost immediately, Bradbery debuted her first self-titled album, containing her hit single, “The Heart of Dixie.” The single reached No. 12 on Country Airplay, but more importantly, put Bradberry on the map.

Over the last four years, this shy teen has evolved into a confident 21-year old with the release of her sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. In this album, Bradbery digs into her personal life, sharing her raw and truthful emotions throughout the 10-song tracklist, all while making her songwriting debut.

Although she’ll always remain country, Bradbery infuses elements of pop, R&B, and soul, expanding her versatility. Her first single released off the album, “Sway,” continues to climb the Billboard charts.

Co-writing seven of the 10 tracks, Bradbery continuous to explore a realness by embracing her honestly in tracks like “Potential,” “Human Diary,” and “Worth It,” delivering powerful and relatable lyrics.

“My biggest goal in making this album was to be as real as possible. Since I was involved in the songwriting process this time around, I was able to put a lot more of myself into the songs.” – Danielle Bradbery

After touring with some of country music’s biggest stars including Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes, and Brad Paisley, the sky’s the limit for this up and coming country star.

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Photo by Cameron Powell


You were only 16 years old when you won season four of The Voice. Now at 21 years old, you’ve not only found success with your single, “The Heart of Dixie” but you’ve just release your sophomore album. What has this experience been like for you? Did you ever imagine you’d be as successful as you are right now?

I had no idea what to expect when I won The Voice. I was so young and jumped into the industry so fast. I’m so happy to be able to release my sophomore album after having time to write and figure out who I am as an artist and as a person. I’m most excited to release this album and see how fans react because it is so true and real for me.


Can you tell me a little more about your newest album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met? Four years later, what’s the inspiration behind this album and what are you hoping fans will take away from it?

My biggest goal in making this album was to be as real as possible. Since I was involved in the songwriting process this time around, I was able to put a lot more of myself into the songs.


Taking part in the songwriting for the first time on this album, what would you say was the toughest part about that process?

The hardest part for me was opening up to, at the time, total strangers. If you are open and honest, it makes for a better and more relatable song. After opening up in the writing room, these guys because some of my best friends. It really is like a therapy session.

Photo by Cameron Powell


You’ve toured/worked with some of the biggest names in country music, such as Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, Brett Eldredge, Brad Paisley, and so many more. How has working with these established artists help you grow both personally and musically?

When I’m on tour with other artists, I like to go out and watch their set every single night. Even if it’s really similar to the night before, I still catch something new that I can learn from. 

On the personal side, it’s just been really great to create friendships that feel like family with these artists. I love how close the country community is, and you really grow that from being on tour.


Throughout all of the performances you’ve had and all of the artists you’ve worked with, what has been your all-time favorite part about being an artist in the country music industry? 

I have been able to do so many amazing things because of this experience. I think one of my favorite parts of this journey has been getting to travel and see the world all while doing something I love.

Outside of music, what are some of your favorite things to do? Is there something that not many people know about Danielle Bradbery?

I take hip-hop dance classes when I’m home in Nashville! I love it! Not a lot of people know that I do that. I incorporated a lot of dance into my music video for “Sway” too.