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At-Home Workout Gadget Guide

Dec 27, 2017 02:00PM ● Published by Caley Breese

By Caley Breese

Getting to the gym in those cold winter months can be a drag and is often challenging. But don’t let that stop you from getting a great workout in! Here, we look at some popular at-home workout gadgets that claim a great workout and fast results!

1. Speed Abs by Iron Gym


Background: Roll your way to a solid core! This ab wheel is perfect for all fitness levels and allows for adjustable resistance and assistance. Not only does it help work your core, but your back, shoulders, and arms get a work in as well. This convenient workout gadget can also be conveniently found at big retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

What It’s Supposed to Do: Strengthens and sculpts your core and oblique muscles while also toning your arms, shoulders, and back.

Price: Retails for around $20

Pros: Lightweight | Easy to install | Easy to use | Low-impact | Affordable | Adjustable resistance and assistance | Also works arms, shoulders, and back | Comfortable grip handles | Can use on any floor surface | Workout DVD included

Cons: Not a calorie-burner| You could become bored if you use it as your primary exercise program | Not very travel-friendly

Overall Assessment: This is definitely a tough ab workout, but using it for a few minutes every day really improves your core strength! The added benefit of a toned upper body and back is great, too. It’s also nice because ab wheels are available in most gyms, so I can always incorporate it into my workout if I’m not at home

2. The Simply Fit Board


Background: This twist-your-way-to-a-better-body board started out as an idea on TV’s inventor and entrepreneur showcase Shark Tank and was quickly championed by shark and QVC queen Lori Greiner. It is now for sale practically everywhere from Amazon to Walmart.

What It’s Supposed to Do: Claims an effective workout in just minutes a day. Touted to tone abs, legs, and your entire core.

Price: Retails for around $40

Pros: Provides a simple way to keep you moving | Easy to use | Travels well. You can easily bring it with you on car-based get-aways and trips | Offers easy-to-follow videos | Can be used in combination with weights | Can be used in the basic twist position, squat positions for leg and butt work, or in various ways on the floor using arms for support including the popular plank position to work the core and arms. | Affordable

Cons: Not a calorie-burner | You could become bored if you use it as your primary exercise program | It wears a spot out on your carpet, so either buy the mat they offer or source a similar one

Overall Assessment: It’s better than sitting to watch TV at night but our staffer said she did not lose a pound or achieve any mid-section toning in the four months she used it. (Typical workout: 30–40 minutes per day.) What she said it did do was improve her balance, toned her legs and butt, and increased her energy level. Overall, she feels it is a nice complement to the cardio and walking she does.

3. Gwee Gym Pro


Background: This low-impact device is a perfect total-body workout for any type of user—experienced or novice. There are two versions—Gwee Gym Pro and Gwee Gym Lite. The Pro has a resistance of 2.25 pounds while the Lite has 1.5 pounds of tension. From cardio to core, the Gwee Gym can help you achieve it all.

What It’s Supposed to Do: In just 10 minutes a day, achieve a great total body workout that is gentle on the body but heavy on results!

Price: Retails for around $80

Pros: Travel-friendly—easy to carry around or pack | Easy to use | Gives you a variety of exercises to follow—pamphlet and a DVD | Comes with a guide to eating healthy | Lightweight—low impact, but full range of motion | Affordable

Cons: Not a calorie-burner | You could become bored if you use it as your primary exercise program | Can’t raise or lower resistance level if desired

Overall Assessment: The Gwee Gym Pro was assessed by another staffer as a “…Good piece of equipment for a variety of exercises.” It comes with a DVD and a booklet filled with different exercises from arms and back to glutes and hamstrings. “The only thing I didn’t like is that the band was uncomfortable on my skin when I wore a tank top, so if you decide to use this, I suggest wearing a t-shirt.”

4. Booty Max


Background: A multi-directional apparatus that targets glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and more for toned and sculpted muscles, the Booty Max is easy to use and compact. Simply place the strap around your ankle, and get movin’!

What It’s Supposed to Do: Work your lower body with just seven exercises. Detach the handle and it can quickly become a workout for your upper body.

Price: Varies

Pros: Easy to install | Easy to use | Low-impact | Affordable | Folds up and stores easily | Adjustable resistance and assistance | Can also work upper body | Comfortable grip handles | Workout DVD included | Nutrition and workout guides included

Cons: Not a calorie-burner | You could become bored if you use it as your primary exercise program | Not very travel-friendly

Overall Assessment: Booty Max did not respond to our request to receive the product for review. Reviews on websites are available, but were mixed at best on its effectiveness.

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