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Douglas C. Scheidt

Jan 08, 2018 02:34PM ● By Caley Breese

Photo by Tony Lewis, Jr.

Annapolis Area Christian School (Upper School), Severn

Years Teaching Overall: 25

Years Teaching at AACS:

Currently teaching: 12th grade
Apologetics and 10–12th grade Book of Revelation

Proudest teaching moment:
“Best thing about teaching is seeing your students become young men and women, graduate and become friends, some of them very close ones. Proudest moment was when my seniors (with whom I was very close) nominated me for a teaching award.”

Teaching Philosophy:
“My teaching philosophy is to seek to lovingly speak and present truth into a world and a generation which often does not want or like to hear it—but at the same time desperately needs it.”

Toughest challenge facing educators:
“The toughest thing or greatest challenge to educators today is to try to convince a generation about what truly matters in a world of social media which presents so many attractive lies.”

"Douglas C. Scheidt is a pillar of the Upper School community of Annapolis Area Christian School whose impact goes far beyond the current student body. Classroom discussions and debates are lively with seniors wrestling with current issues that are often very difficult to discuss. His students develop an ability to understand multiple perspectives on issues and the biblical principles that apply. Our alumni often say that Mr. Scheidt’s ‘Apologetics’ class was among the best preparation they received at AACS for understanding and debating issues in higher education and beyond. Mr. Scheidt also serves as the Upper School Chaplain regularly sharing messages with our students in our weekly chapel and coordinating presentations by many other people in the community. In this role, Mr. Scheidt has developed deep relationships with a number of pastors and churches in the area. On top of all of this, he has served as the Varsity Boys Basketball coach for over a decade. Mr. Scheidt’s program has been successful from a wins and losses perspective but he is one of those rare coaches who really understands that his purpose as a coach is to impact the lives of young men. He, of course, has a competitive spirit and wants to win but Mr. Scheidt always puts that priority below the task of training his players to be men of God. As a teacher, chaplain, and coach, Mr. Scheidt develops deep relationships with students that last well beyond graduation. He understands that a student’s learning doesn’t end when they walk across the stage to get their diploma so Mr. Scheidt continues to mentor students for years. Douglas C. Scheidt’s impact on our school and community cannot be underestimated and he is certainly worthy of recognition!” —Rick Kempton, AACS Superintendent