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Jerry Rehanek

Jan 09, 2018 04:13PM ● By Caley Breese

Photo by Tony Lewis, Jr.

School of the Incarnation, Gambrills

Years Teaching Overall: 15

Years Teaching at School of the Incarnation:

Currently teaching
: Kindergarten

Proudest teaching moment:
“That is a tricky one. I have primarily taught the younger children, K–2, so I have proud moments all the time. Every day is a new and magical experience! When a 5- or 6-year-old blends letter sounds together and reads words for the first time, learns to tie a shoe, or retells a story, these are all moments when I am proud. Another great moment is when I found out that a former student decided to become a teacher and I was one of her influences.”

Teaching Philosophy:
“I use a blend of motivation, entertainment, education, and enthusiasm. When you have the perfect blend, children are capable of achieving anything. The trick is to find that perfect balance each school year!”

Toughest challenge facing educators:
“Educators today face many challenges. One tough challenge is time. I guess time and expectations. It seems like the ‘to-do’ list often gets longer when the school day remains the same. I am certain that it feels the same in many, if not all, professions. Expectations and demands seem to be growing and we need to creatively find new ways to fit them onto our ‘plate,’ as well as, to achieve our goals. I certainly don’t want my students to miss out on any important topic, lesson, or experience. They deserve my full effort and total commitment.”  

"Enthusiastic! Creative! Talented! These are just a few words that describe School of the Incarnation kindergarten teacher, Jerry Rehanek. Mr. Rehanek’s classroom is a rich, vibrant learning environment where every child is able to reach success. From student-centered lessons to hands-on exploration activities, children develop a love of learning in Mr. Rehanek’s care. Kindergarten children blossom in confidence and independence as they scan QR codes to begin a small group exploration. Mr. Rehanek is a leader among his peers, serving as the primary team’s leader and modeling small group lessons and technology integration for the entire faculty. Serving on the school’s liturgy committee, Mr. Rehanek sets the altar and readies the worship space for school liturgies. He is always willing to seek out and implement new strategies to assist struggling students and makes learning fun. He is compassionate and seeks to develop the whole child.”—Lisa Shipley, Principal