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3 Fitness Trends for the New Year

Jan 17, 2018 10:08AM ● By Caley Breese
Another new year, another new resolution! Exercising more is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, so why not exercise some new trends? Adding something new into your workout is always a fun challenge and very beneficial. We came across three up-and-coming exercises for 2018 that we are eager to try. 

1 Piloxing

Yep—you heard right. This Pilates and boxing hybrid dubbed Piloxing has been around since 2009. It is the brainchild of Viveca Jensen, a Swedish dancer and fitness expert. She created this effective workout using her three favorite exercises: Pilates, dancing, and boxing. The idea of this workout is to tone and sculpt muscle through boxing moves (using weighted gloves to tone arms), as well as Pilates exercises for added flexibility and core strength. Although this workout has been around for a few years, many gyms around the nation (and the world) are beginning to add this hybrid workout to the fitness classes they offer. This challenging and effective interval workout offers great cardio exercise as well.

2 Slacklining

No slacking with this workout (figuratively, of course). The new exercise phenomenon of slacklining not only helps with balance, core strength, and lower-body strength, but it is also beneficial to your posture and sharpens your focus overall. This exercise requires two strong support posts and a strong, stretchy line of webbing/rope (you can purchase slackline gear online). It is recommended, however, that if you’re new to the slacklining world, start slow and balance on the suspended cable for as long as you can before performing exercises, as this can be a risky workout if you’re not careful. Be sure to have a spotter as well. Once you get it figured out, the exercises you can do on a slackline are endless. From reverse lunges to a slackline plank, this full-body workout offers a solid challenge to your everyday routine.

3 Bouncing

Ditch your treadmill cardio workout and do some bouncing instead! Trampoline fitness classes have been popping up all over the nation—and for good reason. Incorporating a bounce-factor in your workout routine is a great way to get cardio in—and we all know how boring and tedious that can be sometimes. Performing exercises while using a trampoline will allow you to burn even more calories than you normally would. Give your daily exercise routine a little oomph by using a trampoline (also available to purchase online). This can help improve your coordination and core strength, as well as agility. Because of the bounce, it also serves as a great low-impact full-body workout. 

Can You Believe This Trend?

This new trend might be too good to be true. Napping—yes, literally taking a nap—has been introduced by David Lloyd Gyms in the United Kingdom with a class called “Napercise.” These group classes run for an hour—15 minutes of light stretching and 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. The room is at a comfortable temperature and there are soft sounds for members to catch some mid-day ZZZs. Sign us up!