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Mar 01, 2018 07:00AM

2018 ushers in dynamic paint colors and trends that sway from rich hues to comforting tones

Winter hibernation affords homeowners time…lots of time indoors to ponder the paint on the walls and consider home improvements that’ll spice up our dwellings. Then come spring, we take action, indoors and out, to put those ideas into play. And for inspiration, look no further than the color forecasts and imagination of paint manufacturers. They take color seriously. So much so, they have color forecast experts that peruse the world’s myriad industries’ (fashion, interior design, jewelry, marketing/advertising, food, etc.), cull trends, and develop unique palettes to unveil annually. This year’s crop of colors from the leading paint manufacturers is an exciting mix that could make for the next exciting project in your home.

From vivid blue and digital green, to high-def yellow and rusty auburn, the Sherwin-Williams 2018 Colormix® Color Forecast exhibits three unique color palettes that draw from emerging global trends. According to the company, “The collection predicts the colors that will drive conversation and inspiration for the year, offering new perspectives on societal influences and their impact on color and design trends.”

The Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast team, led by Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, identified 36 colors drawing from fashion, nature, pop culture, and global design, to create the Colormix palettes Sincerity, Affinity, and Connectivity. “Like blue meeting yellow to make green, every color in the Color Forecast is a collision of influences with every palette bringing a new chance at community,” Wadden says. “The connection to experiences, thoughts, or moments in time is an important facet to life which deeply influenced the color trends that are primed to take hold this year. We eagerly await to see how these trends will unfold in the creation of unique new spaces.”

Behr Paint announced its first-ever Color of the Year, In The Moment T18-15, a restorative blue-green hue honoring nature to create a soothing atmosphere. Versatile and welcoming, this grounding neutral is a serene backdrop to spaces where you unwind and recharge. 

“In The Moment speaks to our society’s desire to disconnect and be present,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. “Spruce blue, soft gray, and lush green coalesce into a fresh shade that evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation amid our always-on lives. In The Moment crosses multiple design styles—global, coastal, modern—and pairs well with other subdued colors to create harmony for interiors or exteriors.”

Benjamin Moore declared its Color of the Year, Caliente AF-290, “a vibrant, charismatic shade of red.”

“Strong, radiant, and full of energy, Caliente AF-290 is total confidence. It is pleasing, passionate, and makes people feel special, like ‘red carpet treatment,’” says Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. 

The company stated that its “Color & Design experts attended more than 20 industry shows, capturing more than 42,200 photos that illustrate points of inspiration from the arts, design, architecture, pop culture, fashion, home furnishings, and more. Their collective findings demonstrated an emergence of red hues, embodying the change, strength, confidence, and vitality that permeates cultural movements around the world.”

According to GLIDDEN® paints by PPG, “it’s time to stop getting caught up in a fantasy and bring it back to the basics with the most forgotten neutral—black. Glidden paints is keeping it easy and authentic in naming Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000), a no-fuss shade of black, as the 2018 Color of the Year. Deep Onyx is easier to use than one may think as it encourages a ‘less is more’ approach to décor color, according to PPG experts.”

OLYMPIC®, another subsidiary of PPG, exclaims, “Envelop your home in a color that embodies glamour and strength: Black Magic (OL116), the OLYMPIC® paint brand’s 2018 Color of the Year. A statement piece for your walls, this color is a classic that neighbors and guests won’t soon forget.”

“In past years, consumers have gravitated toward open, airy spaces that are thought to leave room for exposure,” says Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager, Olympic paint. “However, in the current day, consumers often feel uneasy, restless or like their privacy is being invaded, so they crave deep, comforting colors that offer a welcomed escape from the chaos of daily life. Olympic paint’s Black Magic perfectly satisfies consumers’ desire for privacy.”

Completing the trifecta of PPG brand paints, Pittsburgh Paints unveiled Black Flame (PPG1043-7) as its Color of the Year (you notice the trend with PPG). According to PPG color experts, “this statement-making black, infused with an undertone of the deepest indigo, evokes the privacy, hope, and classic modernism that many consumers crave today. Embodying the spirit of a tailored tuxedo or a little black dress, it is dressed-up, coveted, unapologetic and—most importantly—timeless.”

“Black Flame acts like a black curtain, allowing your other décor elements to take center stage,” says Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager. “It’s a fantastic blend of black and indigo, two classic hues. Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers possibility and a deep hopefulness. The blend of two colors makes it incredibly versatile—use it on a statement wall, with a matte finish on a ceiling, with high gloss on a naturally-lit staircase, on cabinets, interior and exterior doors, and in many more places. The versatile hue can also provide strength and a modern luxe vibe to spaces with a lot of whites, blush pinks, and soft pastels.”