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Leading Real Estate Professionals 2018: Q&A

Mar 01, 2018 07:00AM
Q. Why should you use a local REALTOR®?

A. It’s in your best interest to use an agent who knows the local real estate market. No one knows the local real estate market better than a local REALTOR®. Local real estate agents have extensive knowledge of the area and unique insight into local property values, current issues, and trends. They know the listing inventory and their way around the area, which saves time when looking for a hard-to-find listing. A local REALTOR® also knows what inspections you should have when buying your home, as well as any restrictions that might apply here on the Eastern Shore.

 Benson & Mangold Real Estate

Q. What three actions can home sellers take to ensure the highest sales price of their property?

ADeclutter and stage. Use closets and the garage, but clean and organize main living areas and the master bedroom. Buyers are often looking for a home that will relieve them of their own clutter; showing them your clutter won’t help.

Get a pre-market home inspection
. Fix items that your agent tells you to fix. Have the septic system serviced and make sure all is well in the crawlspace. Buyers love hearing that maintenance is current on these items.

Price it correctly
. I firmly believe that pricing a home at market value will produce more proceeds than waiting out the market.

CHUCK MANGOLD JR., Benson & Mangold Real Estate

 Q. What aresome general rules of thumb for home sellers preparing a property’s interior for sale?

. Both preparing the home to be ‘show ready’, and also,  carefully pricing to lead the market - as opposed to chasing it are critical to any lucrative sale. There is no second chance for a first impression. Sellers who view their home through their buyer’s eyes tend to sell stronger. If a project is to be done - ‘negate the objection before it happens! Tackle known issues and lean out personal belongings... then the fun begins! It all starts with the home being professionally staged & taking superb pictures to capture the best attributes of the property, both of which entice buyers to come see the home. Buyers are discerning - staging becomes critical to beat the competition with a faster, stronger sale. Pricing right and showing superior - it really does become the ‘magical’ formula for a successful sale!

 Chaney Homes

 Q. Why a Real Estate Agent & what do I get for that commission?

. When hiring a Real Estate agent, you are getting an exchange of services for an agreed upon commission the seller  pays to the Real Estate Company. Not all agents are equal in services they provide, or commissions they receive. Top agents often invest significant time & resources into completing a sale, including professional photo’s, home staging, floor plans, and advertising. Agents coordinate all kinds of activities including open houses, inspections, negotiate contracts and engage in many tasks aimed to sell your home. You want a highly competent agent that knows your specific market and who has experience navigating the complexities of the market for your home selling process.

 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Q. When is the best time of the year to place a property on the market?

A. Late Winter, early Spring is the best. The Spring market often results in too much competition, however, it is also when you can get the most money for your property. The Holidays are over, everything looks better in the Spring and kids are still in school. We specialize in waterfront properties, and buyers want to be in their new home before Summer to enjoy the water. Don’t wait to list your property, do it early before everyone else.

To purchase a property?

The best time to buy your home is when you find your dream home at an affordable price. In my experience, the best prices are found during the Winter.

BIANA ARENTZ, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Q. What is one of the most important things to consider when listing your home with a realtor?

. It’s important to consider the usual standards, such as a local broker, full-time agent, and someone with proven sales in the area. It’s also imperative to seek out an agent that will take great pictures of your home. A cell phone should never be used for pictures. Quality, wide-angle lens cameras and aerial drone pictures should always be included when listing your home. Pictures are generally the first impression a buyer makes on a home for sale, and many buyers will make their decision to schedule a showing of the home based on what they see. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

 CR Realty

 Q. What three actions can homeowners take to ensure the highest sales price of their property?

. When counseling homeowners who are listing their property, I emphasize condition, price, and marketing. A well-maintained home that is clean, decluttered, and inviting creates a lasting impression on buyers. Pricing the property for what the market reflects is key! Over-pricing a property will cause the property to be on the market longer and ultimately sell for less than if it had been accurately priced. Marketing is unique to each property. A homeowner should lean on a Realtor to suggest different ideas on how best to market their property. A clear, precise plan for these actions is crucial to selling a property.  

 Coldwell Banker Church Circle

Q. What updates should I make to my home to get the best return on my investment?

A. High impact home improvement should start with the kitchen and baths. These rooms are always important to update because buyers place a lot of value in these areas of the home and upgrades are always impactful. You should also consider updating the overall structure or more utilitarian items of the home, like the roof, siding, heating and cooling systems and windows. Although, these items are not as glamorous as a shiny new kitchen, they provide a lot of value in the eyes of a buyer.  

 Long & Foster Fine Homes

Q. What should homebuyers focus on when looking at homes that need some updating?

A. In today’s competitive home buying market potential homebuyers still need to focus on the major components of a house. With many homes in the Annapolis area being older, buyers need to make sure they are working with an agent that is familiar with the systems and components of a house and give them guidance when looking at properties to best protect their interests. It also helps to have an agent that has a good working relationship with vendors and contractors that can assist them and take the worry out of upgrading these systems when the time comes. This will then allow them to make the best decision possible when submitting offers on properties that may need updating. 

 Grace Ryan Real Estate, LLC

Q. What are the qualities I should look for in selecting a Realtor to work with?

A. Things that should matter...An agent’s dedication to their business as a full time Realtor and their dedication to making your real estate goals a reality. Request the agent’s track record for the last 12 months, don’t be afraid to ask for references and what their reputation in the industry is. (Networking among our peers is crucial to a Realtor’s success). Ask for a 90 day business plan in writing for your sale or purchase. Keep in mind this is a business transaction and make sure you handle it exactly that way (you can become friends after the transaction). Ask for a realistic “days on the market” strategy and a marketing game plan when listing your home. When buying a home, make sure you meet and interview to decide if all the personalities mesh. Most of all make sure you select an adequate and knowledgeable guide and advisor to one of your largest purchases or sales.

 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Q. What three actions can home sellers take to ensure the highest sales price of their property?

A. After 41 years of selling homes, here
are my proven techniques for getting the highest sale price on your home. 

- Price it right. If it’s not priced properly, it will sit on the market and nobody wants that. 

- Be the best house on the block. You want to make
your home as desirable as possible to stand out against
the competition. 
your home as desirable as possible to stand out against the competition.

- Hire a team that will market your house aggressively. 
Finally -- hire an agent who is a highly-skilled negotiator
and someone you can trust. 

 Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity

 Q. What do I have to do to get my house ready to sell?

A. (1) ​Clearing - Pack, gift, sell, or dispose of ‘clutter’, even things you love. Put them away for the next place. Unused clothing, kitchenware, mismatched furnishings, furnishings that are out of scale for the room they’re in, such as breakfronts, dining room tables & crammed chairs. Create space, light & pathways in your interior. Lighten up windows of old draperies, dusty shades, dated window treatments.

(2) Cleaning - Windows, chandeliers, shelves, bedspreads, kitchen appliances (fridge, fresh & cleared), carpets/flooring, pet areas (both cat/dog), discard dying plants.

(3) Staging - Pay attention to agent or stager who directs traffic
on this subject. Houses that aren’t staged are last to sell in today’s market. It’s worth It!

(4) Freshen up - Front door paint, secure outdoor railings, broken sidewalks, dead shrubs/branches, last season’s leaves. Add color!

(5) Repair - fix everything you know that needs attention-cracked, inoperable windows, missing screens, unserviced HVAC, broken alarms/smoke detectors, moldy shower stalls.

(6) Neutralize décor - Colors, walls, use 
fresh white bedspreads/white towels. Keep music, TV’s OFF, open shades (the lighter the better), all animals contained/quiet. 

 Coldwell Banker Church Circle

 Q. What can someone buying waterfront property in Annapolis expect to find?

. Annapolis is a diverse community rich in history and culture and offers a huge selection of waterfront homes. Currently, there are homes ranging from condos in the $400s to a historic estate set on 26 acres for over $10M. With our direct access to the Chesapeake Bay and some of the best boating, fishing, and crabbing in the world, it’s not surprising to see waterfront home sales and values on the rise. Welcome to the Annapolis lifestyle. 

 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage