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May 09, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo
Matthew, the owner of The Law Office of Matthew J. Chalker, is a solo practitioner in Annapolis with a practice that focuses on appeals and complex civil litigation.

With his experience, he is keenly aware that certain aspects of appellate litigation are different than trial court litigation, from the basics of procedure, to the presentation of arguments. With years of experience in appeals and trial work at the state and federal level, Matthew brings a unique perspective to the appellate litigation process. He understands the realities of trial practice – the fast pace, difficult witnesses, motions in limine on the eve of trial – and how those realities play together with the procedural and substantive requirements of an appeal, and why that interplay matters. This interplay is often key in formulating a plan of attack, or defense, for an appeal. Sometimes, what seemed to matter in trial, may not be as important on appeal; other times, what did not seem particularly important at trial, may be the cornerstone of a successful appellate argument. If you are unsure whether an appellate issue exists, Matthew provides assistance in helping to identify potential appellate issues, and can take on an appeal from there. He also handles appeals where the appellate issue has already been identified. From filing the notice of appeal through oral argument, and even where to print the brief, Matthew handles every step of the appellate process, and will walk you through that process as it progresses.

In addition to his own trial practice, Matthew also focuses on litigation assistance for other attorneys. Often, the time constraints of a busy practice consisting of 100% litigation makes dealing with complex motions practice untenable. Whether calling for assistance at the beginning of the case in anticipation of “a tough go,” or calling for spot assistance to deal with a particular motion, Matthew employs a similar writing and analytical process in addressing motions at the trial level as he does at the appellate level, and where necessary, arguing those motions in court. 

The bottom line is Matthew likes to research, write, and argue. You may not. If the thought of taking on an appeal or a complex trial level motion does not “get your juices flowing” – or worse, feels like suffering through high school English class again – Matthew would be happy to chat with you about taking the stress or unknown of an appeal off your plate, or saving you time by handling complex trial level motions. Give him a call if you’d like to speak further about how he can help you with an appeal or a complex motion, to bounce a few ideas off of him, or just to say “hello” – he often says, “there’s never a wrong time to talk about the Washington Capitals.” 

The Law Office of Mathew J. Chalker
106B Defense Highway, Suite C | Annapolis, MD 21401