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May 09, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo
• Prior to a parental split - mapping out the path, avoiding the pitfalls, and building a parenting plan.

• During separation
- identifying and addressing issues with anxiety, depression, and behavior.

• Co-parenting
- making the most of parenting styles and strengths in building the new normal. 
Michael J. Labellarte, M.D. has been working as a child and adolescent psychiatrist for 25 years. He combines his expertise in personality styles and parenting approaches to offer solutions that lead to happier and healthier relationships. While sought after for his expertise with medication responsive mental health conditions, his patients equally value his insights on parenting and behavior modification.    

If you are a parent considering divorce, lawyer working with a challenging custody case, or just looking for a top notch mental health provider, please contact us at Dr. Labellarte and his colleagues have the expertise, experience, and availability to make a difference.

Michael J. Labellarte, M.D. | CPE Clinic, LLC | 410-979-2326 | Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia