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Shimmer and Shine

May 09, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo
Summer’s top nail polish trends gleam (without glitter) 

By Kelsey Casselbury

Summer 2018’s nail polish trends tend toward the practical, but with a little bit of glamour. This season, opt for short and groomed nails swiped with a neat coat of lustrous polish that has a hint of shimmer without being ostentatious. 

These shimmery shades are decidedly not glitter, but rather just a hint of extra-special shine. The polishes aren’t as hard to remove as glitter hues, but they still give off a bit flair. The shimmer isn’t relegated to a certain color of polish—it’s popular in hues from the palest of pink to the brightest of blue to the glammest of chrome. If you’re the type to keep your nails on the tamer side, even nudes are getting in on the action of shimmer and shine. Rather than splurging on a whole new set of shimmery nail polishes, find the perfect top coat that gives your nails a little bit of a frosted finish, then layer it over your favorite shades of any color.

For those looking for something other than the luster of shimmery polishes, don’t push aside your timeless red hues. Sexy, elegant crimson nails were prominent on recent runways, making it noteworthy trend for the upcoming summer season. On the other side of the color wheel, blue nails are on trend, too, both in classic Maryland navy or a lighter sky blue. While blue nails might seem a little too wild for an upscale, elegant look, it can look quite crisp in the right hue—just make sure that the mani stays chip-free and any scraggly cuticles are cleaned up quickly.