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How to Get Perfect Beach Waves

Jul 10, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo

By Kelsey Casselbury

The sea is beckoning you—but vacation isn’t for another month. Luckily, you can get some primo beachy waves in your hair while you dream of sipping a cocktail under an umbrella with actual waves crashing in the background. Take note: The success of these methods will vary from person to person based on the type of hair on your head. 

No-Heat Method


In the evening, wet your hair and divide it into two sections—you’re going to go back to your childhood with some plaited pigtails! Braid each side (try a French braid, if possible, to go farther up to the scalp) as far down as you can and then secure it at the bottom. Give the braids a little spritz with texture spray or hairspray. Tip: If you do this immediately after a shower, let your hair air-dry for a bit first or blast it with a hair dryer, so the hair is damp and not soaked. 


Enjoy a sweet slumber, and when you wake up, carefully unbraid your hair. Hit it with a blast of texture spray, sea salt mist or hairspray. At first, the volume will be next to nil—flip your hair over and, without running your fingers through the waves, tousle your hair a bit to
give it some volume. Flip your head back up and give it another good spray to fight any frizz. 

Curling Wand Method


Forget to braid your hair last night? No worries. Plug in your curling wand and, while it heats up, clip up the top two-thirds of your hair, leaving the bottom one-third down. 


Spray your hair with heat protectant and wrap a 2-inch section of hair around the wand. Twist the hair as you wrap it to give it an undone look when you take it out. When you release the hair, give it a tug to loosen it up. 


Continue to curl but pick up a different amount of hair each time to give it a messier look. Alternate curling in different directions. When you get to the front sections, curl them away from your face for a more flattering wave. 


Finish it off with texture or volumizing spray from the roots to the tips to mimic the texture of salt in your hair. Use your fingers to tousle the waves. 


Some hair types hold a beach wave better than others, particularly if you have straight, fine hair. Luckily, the right product helps keep your locks in their proper place without all that extra frizz. 

Do you have fine hair? Use half the product that you would normally to avoid weighing down the waves. 

Do you have frizzy hair? Start with a
dose of moisturizing cream or oil to soften your hair, and then double
the amount of product. 

Do you have stick-straight hair? Follow the same advice as fine hair, but pick a stronger product and finish up with a light touch with a curling iron in certain places that need some extra oomph.