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Chef Jonathan Seningen Recipes

Aug 07, 2018 01:31PM ● By Brian Saucedo

Chef Jonathan Seningen

Beet & Apple Ravioli 

Equipment needed –  2” ring mold (for punching out ravioli skins), mandolin (for slicing ravioli skins), juicer (for juicing beets)

Beet & Apple “Ravioli”- Ingredients: 

1 medium Red beet (at least 2 inches in diameter)

1 Granny Smith Apple (at least 2 inches in diameter)


Directions: Using mandolin thinly slice beet & apple into rounds, then using ring mold punch out circles in even amounts to form top and bottom skins for the ravioli.


Goats Cheese Stuffing- Ingredients: 

1/2 cup goats cheese

2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Salt & ground black pepper to taste (pinch of each)

As needed Extra-virgin olive oil


Directions: Place goats cheese and extra virgin olive oil into a bowl and whip smooth, season with salt and pepper.


Beet & Vanilla Reduction- Ingredients: 

5 medium Red beets

1 Fresh vanilla Bean


Directions: Peel beets and place into juicer, place beet juice into a small sauce pan. Split vanilla bean and scrape seeds into beets juice and in vanilla pod too.

Reduce beet juice by 70% remove from heat chill.


Toasted Pistachio - Ingredients: 

½ cup shelled pistachios

½ cup olive oil

Directions: in a small sauté pan place oil and pistachios, over med-high heat toast pistachios until light brown in oil, once toasted remove from heat and cool nuts and oil in a separate bowl over an ice bath. Once cool remove nut from oil, pulse nuts in a food processor, or chop by hand into small to med small pieces. Place nuts back in oil and season with a pinch of salt.


To Plate-  Using the apple as the bottom skin place a dollop of goats cheese, place the beet on top, place “ravioli’s” on a plate, lightly cover the ravioli with pistachio oil, and drop some of the chopped pistachio around the ravioli. Paint the plate with the beet and vanilla reduction. Season ravioli’s with coarse salt and fresh cracked pepper.