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Just Add Puddles

Aug 17, 2018 12:00AM

By Kelsey Casselbury

Although it’s been a few years since a tropical storm or hurricane truly affected Maryland’s weather, hurricane season is in full swing—and you never know when the next storm might hit. Beyond that, August happens to be the rainiest month of the year in the Maryland. Be prepared while staying on trend in a cute pair of expertly styled rain boots. 

Clunky rainboots can make you look a bit bottom-heavy. If you have a darker-hued boot like black or navy blue, pair it with dark denim, so the boots blend in just a bit. If you’re sporting bright boots, balance it out with a top that draws the eye upward—you can’t go wrong with polka dots. 

Leg warmers are often a must for the chillier months, but if they hit right at the knee and create a strange line, it can make your legs look stocky. Stick with neutral colors, like navy, olive green or gray, and only let a few inches peek above the boot. 

When pairing boots with a dress, choose a frock with a bit of fullness to it. A form-fitted dress won’t balance out the boots on the bottom. If it’s cold, add a fun pair of colored tights that complement the hue of the boots. 

Prefer a skirt? Choose an A-line variety, which is universally flattering, and a fitted top that’s tucked into the skirt. 

When the weather turns bad, and you need a coat, look for a neutral-hued trench. It’s a classic pairing, and particularly apropos for someone who’s new to donning these glossy boots. 

1. Kelly B in Ivy, Nomad


2. Droplet in Grey/White Herringbone, Nomad

3. Splish in Navy, Nomad

4. Women’s Original Refined Quilted Gloss Chelsea Boots
in Loganberry, Hunter Boots


5. Women’s Original Refined Gloss Rain Boots in Fountain Blue, Hunter Boots