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Oct 10, 2018 12:00AM ● By Brian Saucedo
For the past 17 years, Bayside Pediatrics has made it their priority to provide the most current, comprehensive, and compassionate care possible.  We routinely see patients from infancy through the early stages of adulthood, and naturally view our patients as part of our family. It is our commitment to this long-term relationship that allows us to partner with parents to raise children and adolescents to be healthy, responsible adults, and provide the best possible care in an environment that is warm, fun and welcoming.

Bayside was established in 2000 by Dr. Escobosa and Dr. Nold, who hand-picked the other providers to help fulfill the practice’s mission of being the leading provider of child and adolescent care.  Since its inception, we have expanded our services beyond routine well visits and sick appointments, to include focused care in areas such as ADD/ADHD, obesity management, lactation consultation, evaluation and management of allergies, and plant-based nutrition.  We also know that every family is different and may need guidance fulfilling specific needs.  As a result, we work with several local organizations, ranging from aftercare and tutoring services, to a newly introduced evening support group for new and expecting mothers.  

At Bayside Pediatrics, we truly enjoy caring for your children, and look forward to working with your family to establish a meaningful and compassionate relationship.


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Leah Colligan, MSN, CRNP, IBCLC is a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Leah joined our practice 3 years ago after earning her Masters of Science in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University. While at Johns Hopkins, Leah was the recipient of the Graduate Merit Scholarship and the Edna Schoen Memorial Award that recognizes excellence in clinical practice. Leah completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at University of Wisconsin where she volunteered providing palliative care at HospiceCare and worked as a research technician for the Twin Autism Project. Leah is a compassionate NP, and is dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based pediatric care. Additionally, she is devoted to supporting lactating mothers to promote neonatal health and well-being. “As a pediatric NP, such a large part of newborn visits is addressing feeding concerns and providing lactation support. I wanted to have the most up to date, evidence-based breastfeeding information and techniques to best support my patients and families, and I knew becoming an IBCLC was the best way to do that.”

Elizabeth (Beth) Connelly, MSN, CRNP, IBCLC is a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Beth was born and raised in a big family in Youngstown, Ohio. She received her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the University of Cincinnati in 1986. In 1995 she received her graduate degree, a Master’s of Science in Nursing, from the University of Pittsburgh. She has been practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner for the past 20 years. She has been at Bayside Pediatrics since 2001. Beth lives with her family in Ellicott City. “I decided to be a certified lactation consultant because I whole heartedly believe in all the benefits breast feeding has to offer to both mother and baby. Most of our mothers in our practice want to breast feed their babies but often struggle with some of the aspects needed for success.  As a pediatric nurse practitioner, I wanted to know more about lactation so that I could offer that extra support in my newborn office visits. I wanted to be able to offer guidance and build confidence in new mothers in order to help them succeed with breast feeding.”

Ashley Read, DNP, CRNP, IBCLC (Starting January 2019) is a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Her Graduate Degree, Doctor of Nursing Practice, was achieved at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in 2018 and her IBCLC in 2018. Assisting breastfeeding mothers since 2011, she has experience with breastfeeding support in hospitals including neonatal intensive care units, and outpatient pediatrician offices. She believes mastering the latch can solve many issues and is looking forward to supporting the mother baby dyad at Bayside Pediatrics! “With such a short time after delivery before taking your little one home, additional breastfeeding support is always needed in the outpatient setting. By becoming a lactation consultant, I was inspired to help breastfeeding mothers in their earliest days postpartum to master that deep latch and provide continued support that every breastfeeding mother needs.”


Maegan Chaney, MD - Obesity Medicine For over twelve years I have enjoyed providing general primary care to a diverse group of patients, from newborns up to young adults. I realized that many of my patients struggle with excess weight and obesity and the training that most of us who treat young people receive is not adequate to fully help many of my patients. Thus, over the last several years I worked towards and have achieved Board Certification in Obesity Medicine, and can now proudly say that I am a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. The education and training I received along this pathway has made me more able to specifically counsel patients in evidence based methodologies and the highest standard available for treatment of excess weight and its related conditions to children, adolescents and young adults. Whether in primary care setting or for patients choosing to see me in specialty visits, patients can expect nonjudmental, collaborative methodolgies taking into account each family’s or individuals goals and strengths. One of the most important tenets of Obesity Medicine is an understanding that there is no single pathway to a healthier weight and every body really is different. My emphasis is never on cosmetics, as I believe all my patients are amazing and beautiful people whose worth is determined by who they are as people. My plans are never one size fits all, and patients can fully count on their unique differences, backgrounds and lifestyles to fully inform the decisions we make along the way. Our plans can include dietary and activity interventions, behavior change practices, and management recommendations for treating the diseases and health issues that often contribute to, or are an outcome from, excess weight. I help patients and familes understand the interplay between an individual’s genetics, medications and other health issues in contributing to excess weight. We offer the latest technolgy in telemedicine visits when appropriate to assist in accomadating busy schedules, or patients can be seen in our beautiful modern office setting overlooking the heart of Annapolis. For patients choosing to see me for specialty care, I work with your current treating physicians to collaborate on the most appropriate care to address existing health concerns related to weight. I am also happy to help with plans to prevent development of obesity when this is a specfic concern for a family. Just like for primary care, I see patients for weight mangement through young adulthood, particualrly including college students. My patients with excess weight are amazing children and adults that I am honored to help acheive their healthiest life, both in the short term and for many years to come.