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Former Star Wars Actor John Morton

John Morton lost touch with the Star Wars craze shortly after he played the character Dak Ralter in the 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back.

Arming School Teachers

Recent school shootings at high schools in Florida and Maryland have added a new debate to the argument about whether to further regulate or even ban guns: Should armed teachers become mandatory at every public school?

2018 Best of Eastern Shore Food & Dining

Thank you to our loyal readers who took the time to voice their votes for the tops throughout the Shore when it comes to favorite foods and dining experiences.

Athlete Worth Watching: Nathan Biddle

Saints Peter and Paul School

What's Up? with Real Estate June 2018

When searching for a home in Anne Arundel County, many prospective homeowners may focus their search on Annapolis.

A Destination Experience With A Colorful History

Kim Lawson owner of Fishpaws Marketplace is one busy lady. I caught up with her to learn how her bustling world of trade has kept folks coming back for decades.

Boatyard Bar & Grill

If you sit down and have a friendly chat with Dick Franyo, owner of The Boatyard, you will learn a lot

Gifts to Celebrate Dads & Grads

Whether you're thinking of getting something for your Dad this Father's Day you can also get your Grad a gift.

Allergic to Exercise? (Yes, It's A Thing)

Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is real, but it’s also rare

A Preview of Maryland’s June 26 Gubernatorial Primary

An Incumbent, an Activist, and a Tale of Two Counties

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