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The Taste: Mamma Roma’s, The Real Napoletano Experience

Nov 28, 2017 ● By Arden Haley

What's Up? got together with brothers and owners, Bruno and Rino Romeo, to understand how they manage to maintain such a consistently pleasing slice of Southern Italy.

The Taste: The Italian Market

Oct 13, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

The Italian immigrant, Raimondo Lubrano, left quite a Napolese culinary legacy for his family in The Italian Market of Annapolis.

Restaurant Review: Mamma Roma

Sep 15, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

What a gem—quite authentic Italian, complete with Mamma herself, whose twinkling eye and wit will charm you before you even decide what to order.

An Italian Dream

Nov 07, 2014 ● By Arden Haley

Café Mezzanotte is an authentic Italian restaurant with Maryland flare.

One tequila, two tequila...Chicken Tequila Fettuccine!

May 05, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Happy Cinco de Mayo!Here's the thing: I like tequila. I mean, I really like it. At my rehearsal dinner on Friday night, I was a little stressed out and frantic (I blame the groomsmen entirely -- they weren't listening to me!) and the first thing that a friend/groomsman/long-established tequila buddy did was buy me a tequila shot.Hey, it worked. 

Recipe: Mussels Marinara

Mar 30, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Can you believe that the first time I tried a mussel was within the past two years? In fact, because I have lived in land-lock cities my entire life, a bounty of seafood never passed my lips until after college: Crab, clams, scallops...basically everything except shrimp and certain types of fish.

The Dish: Shrimp Marinara at Mama Lucia

Mar 15, 2011 ● By Ashley West

To anyone that knows Chef Victor Scotto, it should be no surprise he recently took over the kitchen at Mama Lucia in Annapolis.

Menu Monday (and a delicious pizza recipe)

Mar 07, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Not that long ago, I visited Sam's Pizza in St. Michaels. There, I had a delicious lunch of a shrimp and artichoke pizza.

Malibu Pizza by Philly Flash

Feb 28, 2011 ● By Ashley West

“When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.” So the famous line to the famous song goes.

Risotto Pescatrice by Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen

Feb 28, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Cold water seafood turns into a heartwarming, succulent dish; mussels, clams, lobster, shrimp, and calamari coalesce with a fish stock and tomato-based risotto with hints of brine and, surprisingly, cherry.