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About Smiles Dentistry

    Having recently returned from their annual Longboat Key trip proves the team at About Smiles Dentistry is far from ordinary. Whether it’s practical jokes around the office, dressing up as princesses for their pediatric patients, or sponsoring community events, Dr. Calton and her staff provide a unique and memorable dental experience.

Annapolis Periodontics

What’s Up? Annapolis Top Dentists Peer Review again recognizes Annapolis Periodontics for its specialization in the field of Periodontics. Drs. Deborah Odell, Angela Miele and Cary Bly are highly trained dentists who chose to pursue a specialization in Periodontics with additional years of training and residency. Their success shows they don’t settle for less.

Dr. Paul Kinsey

Dr. Paul Kinsey’s practice centers on the family, providing the highest quality care for adults as well as children. The office is located in a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Severna Park, which provides comprehensive care ranging from basic preventative treatment to surgical and cosmetic reconstruction. Some of the technology and procedures offered include computer-fabricated single-visit crowns and tooth-colored fillings, digital X-rays and one-hour teeth whitening. Dr. Kinsey also treats sleep apnea, snoring, nighttime teeth grinding/bruxism, and TMJ pain/dysfunction. Continuing education ensures that Dr. Kinsey and his staff stay current in the latest techniques and technology.

Oral Surgery Specialists

There is no doubt about the power of an enchanting smile and there is no better substitute for replacing missing teeth than with dental implants! It is, therefore, no surprise that Dr. Cliff Walzer, Dr. Neil Sullivan, and Dr. Borek Hlousek have focused their practice on creating beautiful smiles and restoring healthy function to the teeth and jaws. By embracing the team approach to patient care, the doctors combine their diagnostic and surgical skills with the talents of restorative dentists to provide the optimum care that patients deserve. Of all the procedures they perform, the doctors have taken a special interest in the replacement of teeth with dental implants. With recent technological advances, Drs. Walzer, Sullivan and Hlousek obtain three-dimensional images of a patient’s jaw structure and virtually plan the positioning of dental implants on computers.

Pediatric Dentistry

You have to be 21 and under to be a patient at the Arnold-based pediatric dental practice of Drs. C. Jay Tull III, Gregg Behling and Michelle Decere. The practice’s entire focus is on children and teens in an environment that is fun, educational and stress-free—for youngsters and their parents.

Annapolis Dental Associates

At Annapolis Dental Associates Dr. Michael Berger and Dr. Jody Waddell know that you can change a person’s life by changing their smile. That ability is what gives them the greatest pleasure in their work.

Annapolis Endodontics

Saving teeth and relieving some of the most intense pain a person can have—that’s what the doctors of Annapolis Endodontics do every day. With a track record of more than 25 years of specialized care, these doctors have changed the reputation of what a root canal can be.

Maryland Oral Surgery Associates

With 41 years of experience, MARYLAND ORAL SURGERY ASSOCIATES (MOSA) remains committed to superior patient care. The nine doctor practice has locations in College Park, Laurel, Silver Spring, Rockville and Crofton. It is an expert and dedicated group, with vast and varied surgical training from the top medical centers in the country. The surgeons use their collective experiences to assure the best treatment and care for their patients. The MOSA surgeons have been selected TOP DENTISTS by Washingtonian magazine three times over the past eight years and are on the teaching staff at both the Washington Hospital Center and the University of Maryland Dental School. Additionally, the MOSA doctors have been the official team Oral Surgeons for the University of Maryland Athletic teams since 1988.

Dr. Richard Aufderheide, DMD, MSD

“The goal and policy is to treat our patients as we would treat our families,” asserts Dr. Richard Aufderheide, D.M.D. His Annapolis practice offers high-quality, friendly service in a gentle, caring atmosphere. “Being of service to our patients,” he explains, “is the definition of our purpose and the mission of our practice.” He makes sure the patient is given all treatment options, realistic treatment expectations, and costs. “This way,” he says, “the patient can make the best informed decision on what is right for them.” He believes that successful implant and periodontal therapy is dependent upon a team approach between the patient, the restorative dentist, and the periodontist, and thus maintains open communication between all members of the team in order to ensure individualized personal attention for each and every patient.

Annapolis Center for Dental Health & Wellness

The Annapolis Center for Dental Health and Wellness, located in the St. John Properties on Bestgate Road in Annapolis, has been home to the dental practice of Dr. Vernon L. Sheen since 2002. After nearly 12 years of practicing dentistry as part of a group in Annapolis, Dr. Sheen selected the building as the ideal location to create his own dental practice, one that would offer exceptional quality and service in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Today, with more than 18 years of experience, Dr. Sheen is proud to have assembled a team that is just as educated, informed, and dedicated as he is.