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Buzzwords in Beauty: 4 Anti-Aging Terms You’ll Hear This Year

Dec 28, 2016 ● By Becca Newell

A New Year inevitably calls for a new set of anti-aging products and procedures to tighten, tone, and brighten—and we’re here to help you stay ahead of the game!

Will A Pill Keep Us Young? What the Research is Saying

Aug 31, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

No doubt, there are lot of claims, treatments, and products out there that promise to do just that—help us look and feel younger, most with marginal or temporary degrees of success.

True You: Re-Discovering Your Before-Baby Body

Aug 03, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

While most women report that being pregnant was some of the best and most fondly remembered time in their lives, many struggle with body image issues after the baby is born.

Mining the Earth for Youth: The Facts About Nutrient-Rich Compounds

Aug 03, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Earth’s natural elements have been renowned in the health and beauty realm for decades.

Too "Vein" to Wear Shorts? Get Those Legs Ready For Summer

Jun 08, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Medical science has answers in the form of treatments that help address the aching and fatigue associated with venous disease

Makeup Tips & Tricks for your 30s, 40s, & 50s

Dec 30, 2015 ● By Arden Haley

We’re always searching for ways to turn back the clock a year or two—or 10