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Athletes Worth Watching: Matt Jarriel

Oct 16, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

It’s no secret that Matt Jarriel strives to win. That comes through his ability to embrace tough competition.

Athletes Worth Watching: Katie Claggett

Aug 27, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

An accomplished athlete in both soccer and tennis, Katie Claggett's accomplishments are seemingly endless.

Athletes Worth Watching: Baylee DiPietro

Aug 20, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

For Baylee DiPietro, being a good student-athlete means to “work your hardest at everything you do and balance life obligations to succeed.”

Local Athletes in the Pros

Jul 10, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

Take a look at some prominent athletes who proudly call Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore their home.

Athletes Worth Watching: Rachael Milligan

Jul 02, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

A standout in both softball and volleyball for the Lions, Milligan maintains an impressive 4.25 grade point average.

Athletes Worth Watching: Bradley Jones

Jun 25, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

What do a lacrosse net and the Internet have in common? Bradley Jones loves defending both.

Athletes Worth Watching: Ellie McNulty

Jun 19, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

Versatility is a trait that has bred success for McNulty. The four-sport star just can’t seem to lose.

Athletes Worth Watching: Eric Egeli

Jun 12, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

There are few givens in life. But what we can count on are death, taxes, and Eric Egeli’s need for speed.

Athletes Worth Watching: Belle Strachan

Jun 05, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

Being out on the water for Strachan isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life.

Athletes Worth Watching: Stephanie Reyes

May 16, 2014 ● By Jake Russell

The responsibility of juggling schoolwork, sports, and a social life can take a toll on high school students. But not for Stephanie Reyes.