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Bring it Home! The Look of Global BOHO

By Becca Newell, Aug 18, 2017, Categories: Home+Garden, Today

Bohemian décor inherits a global flair in this popular trend we dubbed “GloBo”—a portmanteau of “global” and “boho” (in case that wasn’t obvious enough!).

Kyle Cragle: Balancing His Way to the Top

By Nicole Gould, Aug 17, 2017, Categories: Arts+Entertainment, Today

Catch one of Kyle Cragle’s final Cirque du Soleil performances in the U.S before the show heads out for its very first European tour.

A What's Up? Weekend 08/17/17

By Nicole Gould, Aug 17, 2017, Categories: Arts+Entertainment, Today

An interview with Cirque du Soleil performer, Kyle Cragle and this weekend's local happenings you don't want to miss.

Restaurant Review: The Canton Restaurant

By Arden Haley, Aug 15, 2017, Categories: Today, Eat+Drink+Shop

What are the odds of a restaurant still thriving after more than 55 years? Slim to none. But the Canton is an example of how a family has made it happen.

What’s Up? with Real Estate: Annapolis August 2017

By Arden Haley, Aug 14, 2017, Categories: Home+Garden, Today

For some homeowners, nothing brings them greater joy than owning a waterfront home. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options in Anne Arundel County.

What Drives Our Obsession with Crave & Craze-Worthy Foods?

By Arden Haley, Aug 11, 2017, Categories: Today, Eat+Drink+Shop

We deep-dive into the world of crave and craze-worthy foods, and what drives our obsession with them.

A What's Up? Weekend 08/10/17

By Nicole Gould, Aug 10, 2017, Categories: Arts+Entertainment

An exclusive interview with musician A.J. Croce and the rundown of weekend events in Annapolis, Eastern Shore, and other areas of the Western Shore.

The Perfect Vista: Situated on the Severn Riverfront, this Masterpiece Property Boasts Beautiful Views

By James Houck, Aug 07, 2017, Categories: Home+Garden, Today

Perched over the Severn and on a nip of land near the river’s mouth, sits a spectacularly groomed property that shows amazingly; even within the small neighborhood of Ferry Farms.

Athlete Worth Watching: Lacey Eden of Archbishop Spalding High School

By Arden Haley, Aug 04, 2017, Categories: Arts+Entertainment, Community, Today

She played jayvee soccer and ran cross country in the fall, skated on the boys and girls ice hockey teams in winter, and competed on the varsity lacrosse team in spring.

Towne Salute: Diana Emerson of Junior League of Annapolis

By Nicole Gould, Aug 04, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

Emerson schedules out the time to not only volunteer for Junior League of Annapolis, but also with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Anne Arundel County Chapter 20-35 hours per week