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An Inside Scoop with Maryland's Beloved Country Artist, John Luskey

You don’t want to miss this country superstar! Catch him at the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa on Saturday, July 29th, Saturday, August 5th, Saturday, August 19th, and Monday, September 4th.

A What's Up? Weekend 07/27/17

An interview with Southern Maryland native and country music artist, John Luskey, along with this weekend's list of events.

The Benefits of Raindrop Near Vision Inlay

Today, there is another option for addressing vision loss that comes with aging and it offers a different approach, according to Dr. Maria Scott of Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center.

The Vampire Facial: Everything You Need to Know About Micro-Needling with PRP

It seems vampires have been right all along. The secret to eternal youth? Blood. Well, more specifically, plasma—platelet-rich plasma, to be exact.

Products We Love: This Month’s Picks From the Beauty Buzz Team

Here you’ll find the latest and greatest hair, skin, and makeup products, reviewed by our Beauty Buzz Team (and the occasional member of our What’s Up? staff!).