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From Toe to Sole: Get Summer-Pretty Feet

After months of keeping feet wrapped in cozy socks, your toes will most likely need a little TLC before they’re camera ready! Here’s our advice for picture-perfect feet this summer.

Beauty Award Winner: An Eye on the Made-for-Me Trend

From off the menu, made-to-order meals at restaurants, to customized and delivered-to-your-door fashion in a box, it’s easy to assess customization as a growing trend.

Get The LOOK for the Holiday Season!

To help make the unofficial ‘Season of Stress’ a little less, well, stressful, we turned to the experts to determine the trendiest hair and makeup looks for the holidays

Define, Line & Highlight: Applications for Extraordinary Eyes

These non-invasive remedies for aging eyes will have you wishing for overcast days where tinted lenses aren’t necessary.

From Odd to Ordinary: the ABC’s of Unusual Ingredients

Unusual ingredients found in products that might not be considered "odd" for much longer.

Products We Love: This Month’s Picks From the Beauty Buzz Team

We present items tried and tested by staff and readers alike so you know What’s Up? in the world of beauty and beyond.

Must-Have Minis: Tiny Treasures That Travel Well

Bigger isn’t always better. These bite-sized beauties might seem small, but they’re certain to pack a punch.

Makeup Tips & Tricks for your 30s, 40s, & 50s

We’re always searching for ways to turn back the clock a year or two—or 10

The Look 2016: What's Up? Media's 3rd Annual Beauty & Wellness Event

Hair | Nails | Makeup | Retail Therapy | Spa Treatments | Engaging Speakers

Best of Beauty & Fitness Voting 2015

Cast your vote for the best!