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Solving the Cancer Puzzle

Dec 13, 2017

How research, an empathetic support system, and progressive treatment are paramount in overcoming this disease

The Facts About Lung Cancer

Nov 30, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

When you think of certain cancers, which ones come to mind? Breast? Prostate? Colon? Pancreatic? Truth be told, lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of cancer.

DNA Diagnosis: How genetic testing can provide critical diagnostic guidance

Oct 07, 2015 ● By Arden Haley

People often don't realize how many family members share a cancer history until they ask.

Unlikely Cancer Cure: Could the Herpes virus tame cancerous tumors?

Sep 09, 2015 ● By Arden Haley

By trapping herpes-loaded stem cells in a gel and applying them to tumors, researchers were able to significantly improve the survival rate of mice with glioblastoma multiforme brain tumors

How Much is Too Much?

Sep 13, 2013 ● By Arden Haley

The confusing state of cancer testing.