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What Do You Think? Defunding the Chesapeake Bay Program

The President’s proposal to cut all funding to the Chesapeake Bay Program will exact enormous cost. It would mean a return to dirtier water, unhealthy swimming conditions, and fish kills.

Inside the Event: Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Bands in the Sand

Sand, surf, and a whole lot of live music! It's Chesapeake Bay Beach Foundation's annual fundraiser!

Chesapeake Farm-To-Fork: Burgers, Brews and Bay Education at Clagett Farm

At Clagett Farm, it’s all about education, fun, and environmental awareness

TAKE ACTION: Urge Congress to stand up for the Chesapeake Bay

Sign the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's petition right now to ask Congress to preserve funding for the Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Foundation partnered with researchers from the University of Virginia to create the Bay Footprint Calculator

Find out how well you're doing to prevent harmful pollution from getting into our waters. Fill out the calculator now and get your score!

Bands in the Sand

Summer staples - live music, cool drinks, and mouth-watering grilled food - were at the forefront of this annual event