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What Do You Think? Defunding the Chesapeake Bay Program

The President’s proposal to cut all funding to the Chesapeake Bay Program will exact enormous cost. It would mean a return to dirtier water, unhealthy swimming conditions, and fish kills.

Full Circle Farming: How commercial pressures and government regulations affect farming success on the Eastern Shore

Facing commercial pressures and government regulations, the future success of Eastern Shore farming relies on the time-tested resilience of the hands-on farmer

Aberdeen High School students discover the Bay on CBF's Baltimore Education Program

While out exploring the Susquehanna Flats with students from Aberdeen High School, CBF Captain Ian Robbins caught and released this gigantic blue crab.

Chesapeake Farm to Fork: Stewardship in the Kitchen Begins on the Farm

How Anne Arundel County is promoting environmental and culinary sustainable partnerships

Historic Goes Green in Oxford: Two aging properties receive much more than a facelift

Barbara Paca and Philip Logan are committed in both their personal and professional lives to being both environmentally conscious and culturally sensitive

What all the Buzz is About: Will There Be Enough Bees?

The science of bees explains their vital importance to our ecosystem and agricultural industry in Maryland; meet local beekeepers advocating for their protection.

Putting Preservation on the Map: Living Oceans Foundation Restores the World’s Oceans with Scientific Research

In what could be described as a pivotal maritime maneuver, the Living Oceans Foundation moved its worldwide headquarters to Annapolis this past fall.

Stewards of the Severn: The Severn River Association leads a restoration movement focused on community activism

It is often said that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but perhaps this African proverb can also be applied to restoring a river.

Teach Your Children Well: Education Mandate Propels Environmental Programs in Schools

The tree planting was part of Midshore’s plan to help the four counties within its jurisdiction meet the state’s new environmental education requirement for high school graduation

Stunning Shorelines that Save the Bay: The Changing Landscape of Waterfront Home Ownership

The Changing Landscape of Waterfront Home Ownership.