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Chesapeake Farm-To-Fork: Burgers, Brews and Bay Education at Clagett Farm

At Clagett Farm, it’s all about education, fun, and environmental awareness

How a small Dorchester County farm could be the model of sustainability amidst conglomerate agriculture

Owners Kelly and Paul Jackson, who run Emily’s Produce on Church Creek Road, know a lot about sustainability, going into their seventh generation of farming.

Chesapeake Farm-to-Fork: Know Good, Do Good — An Inside Look at Sustainable Farming Practices, Part One

We explore Know Good Farm and sustainable farming practices.

Chesapeake Farm to Fork: Stewardship in the Kitchen Begins on the Farm

How Anne Arundel County is promoting environmental and culinary sustainable partnerships

Celebrating Farm to Fork Chesapeake: The Fare Fair offers important perspectives on new, local culinary products

Important perspectives and insights about local culinary trends and products emerge at the annual Future Harvest/Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture’s recent conference

Celebrating Farm-to-Fork Chesapeake: Meet Culinary Ambassador of the Chesapeake Bay, John Shields

John Shields is a chef, television host, author, and my friend (I’m thrilled to say). He’s a wonderfully chatty guy who is quick to share his love of local Chesapeake ingredients.