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Exercise: How Much is Enough?

Everyone benefits from some sort of activity.

Global Competition: Where do American Millennials Rank in the World Market?

According to a recent study of test results, American Millennials are operating at a distinct disadvantage in the world market.

One Less Thing to Worry About: The Pros About Anxiety

According to recent findings, people prone to anxiety have higher levels of intelligence.

Not eating chocolate might be bad for you!

Findings show chocolate eaters have an 11 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a 25 percent lower risk of associated death.

Daddy Dearest

Are our fathers getting short-sheeted in the holiday happenings department? Probably.

If you want to keep Dad around as long as possible...

Get out there and exercise with your old man, for heaven’s sake.

Let there be light…or not

Light pollution is a topic near and dear to our hearts at What’s Up?

Autism: Is it an age thing?

It is the largest international study ever of parental age and autism risk—something we have written about on several occasions.

Do these dinner plates make me look fat?

If they are white plates, the answer may be yes. You may be eating more food than you need—especially foods like white rice or mashed potatoes.

Leave, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Some truly shocking, and scary, reports recently surfaced about the relationship between a cat-carried parasite and the development of schizophrenia in humans.