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Lettuce Turnip the Beet at Maryland’s Local Farmers Markets

Orange you glad that we put together a local list of farmers markets for you? Nothing beets locally grown!

A rant, of sorts, and then a recipe

I know I'm not What's Up?'s health editor. However, I do care about health, both my own and other people's, and I do generally care about the (lack of) nutrition in our country. Whenever I wonder why the number of obese people continues to increase, a fast-food (or even non-fast-food) restaurant introduces a new dish that makes me go, "Oh. Well, there's the reason."Enter Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae.

Baked Eggs Florentine by Eggcellence

A delicious breakfast is a great way to jumpstart your day and at Eggcellence, they know breakfast.

Malibu Pizza by Philly Flash

“When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.” So the famous line to the famous song goes.

Recipes From Ken Upton & Brendan Keegan

From the kitchen of Chef Ken Upton

Enjoy a Bounty of Flavor with Organic Ingredients

An organic lifestyle can mean different things to different people. While some may embrace all organic products—from food to clothing to bedding—others are happy to make small but impactful changes to the way they eat in the spirit of “living organic.”

Crisfield Cobb Salad

In August 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter, Sasha, visited Boatyard Bar and Grill in Eastport. Months later, Chef George Betz still can’t stop talking about it.

Maintain Healthy Habits Year-Round

According to the National Pork Board’s “Healthy Habits 2011” survey, while 60 percent of dieters have made a health-related resolution, sticking to that goal will be harder than quitting smoking or even winning the lottery.

Sea Bass in Crosta all’Arancio

For authentic Italian food, look for a restaurant with roots in the country. You’ll find one on Main Street—Heading up Osteria 177 is Arturro Ottaviano, who hails from Verona, Italy, and right beside him is Chef Maurizio Cotti, born in Brescia in Northern Italy. Both men have culinary degrees from Italian institutions—Ottaviano from the Bardolino Culinary Instittue Lake of Garda in Veronia and Cotti from the Recoaro Culinary Institute in Brescia—and they use their culinary skills and personal styles of cooking to come up with creative, interesting dishes, such as the Sea Bass in Crosta all’Arancio.