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The 8 Things I Learned Keeping a Food Journal

Certain diets work. Certain diets work well. Certain diets work well for some people. Some people can’t, and probably shouldn’t, “diet” at all. Just by its very nature, any diet can fail the minute you are no longer on it.

Hot Chocolate: Deconstructed

You can have your sweet and eat it too­—with a healthier take on the same great beverage. Try these substitutions and enjoy every guiltless sip!

Drink This! The Better-For-You Seasonal Cocktails

While some of those holiday cocktails are more indulgent in the calorie department, there are a few festive favorites that are better for the waistline, yet equally delicious.

Grab-N-Go No-No’s: Healthier Snack Alternatives

Before you grab that trail mix or other seemingly healthy on-the-go bite, you might want to take a closer look at the ingredients label.

Great Food Fakes: Tasty & Healthy Look A-Likes

While these healthier options might cut calories, they don’t skimp on taste!