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Seafood Maria’s by Maria’s Sicilian Ristorante & Café

Feb 28, 2011 ● By Ashley West

If Poseidon, God of the Sea, made a trip from the waters of the Mediterranean to those of the Chesapeake, he’d probably chose Maria’s Sicilian Ristorante & Café for a scrumptious dinner; especially for the restaurant’s signature (and namesake) dish; Seafood Maria’s.

Game Plan for the Perfect Game-Day Tailgate

Feb 28, 2011 ● By Ashley West

This football season, you don’t need tickets to enjoy the hottest grid-iron games with friends, family, and food fresh off the charcoal grill.

Making the Perfect Bowl of Pasta

Feb 25, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Pasta is one of the staples of the American diet, but making it just right requires more than boiling some water and adding a jar of sauce.

Very Veggie: Meat-free lasagna

Feb 23, 2011 ● By Ashley West

This week, I am a vegetarian.

A healthier fettuccine Alfredo

Jan 12, 2011 ● By Ashley West

Who here doesn't love fettuccine Alfredo? I know I do—but I certainly don't love how much time I have to spend at the gym to burn off those calories!  

Sea Bass in Crosta all’Arancio

Jan 07, 2011 ● By Ashley West

For authentic Italian food, look for a restaurant with roots in the country. You’ll find one on Main Street—Heading up Osteria 177 is Arturro Ottaviano, who hails from Verona, Italy, and right beside him is Chef Maurizio Cotti, born in Brescia in Northern Italy. Both men have culinary degrees from Italian institutions—Ottaviano from the Bardolino Culinary Instittue Lake of Garda in Veronia and Cotti from the Recoaro Culinary Institute in Brescia—and they use their culinary skills and personal styles of cooking to come up with creative, interesting dishes, such as the Sea Bass in Crosta all’Arancio.