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Stay Cool This Summer: Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Emergency departments across America are filling with people suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. So how do you avoid this happening to you or a family member?

Less Snoring, More Sleep: Addressing Sleep Apnea

We’ve reached out to local sleep experts on this condition to learn about the symptoms, treatments, and what is vital to know about this sometimes-exhausting condition.

The Great Divide: What do we need to keep in mind when faced with a mental health situation?

Seeking solutions for those suffering from mental illness and their families can, often, be a divisive choice

In-Home Med Testing: Self Tests Available at your Local Pharmacy

Here’s a list of what types of self medical tests out there, how they work, their FDA approval status, and what they test for.

The Virtual Visit: The Benefits of Meeting with your Doctor Online

Depending on the provider, patients can call, email, text, or even video chat with a doctor and, depending on your diagnosis, a prescription for treatment can be issued.

Memory Loss & Aging: Defining Normal and Not-So Normal

Memory complaints are common in the geriatric population, and their frequency usually increases with age.

Taming the Mighty Migraine: New Hope for an Age-Old Affliction

Adding to the difficulty of experiencing a migraine, the medical community has always been challenged to define and treat them. Why?

Vitreolysis: Start Improving Your Sight in 20 Minutes

The floaters that appear in our vision can be more of a concern than we may think. Here are some reasons why.

The Facts About Lung Cancer

When you think of certain cancers, which ones come to mind? Breast? Prostate? Colon? Pancreatic? Truth be told, lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of cancer.

What Is Wrong With Me? The 5 Most Common Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, an estimated 10 to 20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed annually. Here are 5 of the most common conditions to fall under this category.