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Restaurant Review: O'Learys Seafood Restaurant

Creatively Sumptuous Seafood Cuisine

Put on Your Party Hat: Melting Pot Does the Rest

Seeking something different on the local dining out scene? Sharing fondue at the Melting Pot may be for you.

Restaurant Review: Chef-owner David Pow Makes Statement at Soul

Soul is a promising new restaurant in a small shopping center off Forest Drive, where small plates set the tone.

Restaurant Review: Hunan L’Rose Restaurant is an Odenton Favorite

Based on our visit, it is easy to understand why Hunan L’Rose has been in business for nearly a quarter-century.

Restaurant Review: Hearty German cuisine and brews attract fans to Old Stein Inn

The Old Stein Inn rose from a devastating fire on New Year’s Day 2011—reopening nine months later.

Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis Offers a Seasonal Recipe for “Spring Lamb”

Lea Hurt, who heads PR and is the voice of operations of Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, helped explain some of the restaurant’s history and more.

Restaurant Review: Knoxie’s Table at The Inn at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Welcome Home with a Seat at Knoxie’s Table

Restaurant Review: Rip’s Longevity Proves Its Appeal

Rip’s Country Inn is unique in our area, in that it looks somewhat like a roadhouse seen in a country western movie.

Restaurant Review: Broadneck Grill & Cantina II

Broadneck Grill & Cantina shows signs of succeeding as the go-to neighborhood restaurant in a section of Edgewater that has been transformed from farmland to new condos and strip malls.

Restaurant Review: Houlihan's in West County

A Stand Out in West County