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Put on Your Party Hat: Melting Pot Does the Rest

Jul 06, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Seeking something different on the local dining out scene? Sharing fondue at the Melting Pot may be for you.

Restaurant Review: Chef-owner David Pow Makes Statement at Soul

Jun 24, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Soul is a promising new restaurant in a small shopping center off Forest Drive, where small plates set the tone.

Restaurant Review: Hunan L’Rose Restaurant is an Odenton Favorite

May 31, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Based on our visit, it is easy to understand why Hunan L’Rose has been in business for nearly a quarter-century.

Restaurant Review: Hearty German cuisine and brews attract fans to Old Stein Inn

Mar 25, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

The Old Stein Inn rose from a devastating fire on New Year’s Day 2011—reopening nine months later.

Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis Offers a Seasonal Recipe for “Spring Lamb”

Mar 16, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Lea Hurt, who heads PR and is the voice of operations of Blackwall Hitch in Annapolis, helped explain some of the restaurant’s history and more.

Restaurant Review: Knoxie’s Table at The Inn at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Mar 15, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Welcome Home with a Seat at Knoxie’s Table

Restaurant Review: Rip’s Longevity Proves Its Appeal

Mar 11, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Rip’s Country Inn is unique in our area, in that it looks somewhat like a roadhouse seen in a country western movie.

Restaurant Review: Broadneck Grill & Cantina II

Feb 18, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

Broadneck Grill & Cantina shows signs of succeeding as the go-to neighborhood restaurant in a section of Edgewater that has been transformed from farmland to new condos and strip malls.

Restaurant Review: Houlihan's in West County

Jan 31, 2016 ● By Arden Haley

A Stand Out in West County

Restaurant Review: BAROAK Cookhouse & Taproom in Annapolis gives nod to Belgium

Nov 11, 2015 ● By Arden Haley

Along with the Loews Annapolis Hotel’s complete facelift, we Annapolitans got BAROAK (pronounced Bar Oak) and Chef Teddy Folkman.