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Towne Salute: Chloe Tong of Eastern Shore Community Rowers

By Arden Haley, Jul 17, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

With the support from her community, Tong developed the Eastern Shore Community Rowers (ESCR), a non-profit program for adult rowing.

Towne Salute: Jayme Dingler of Talbot Interfaith Shelter

By Arden Haley, Jun 30, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

For someone who has a full-time job and is a part-time professional musician, you would think volunteering might be out of the question. Jayme Dingler, however, has made the time for it.

Towne Salute: Michael Heup of Special Olympics Maryland

By Nicole Gould, Jun 20, 2017, Categories: Community

Michael Heup, 36, achieved the ultimate reward--becoming a world-class athlete and spokesman for Special Olympics Maryland (SOM).

Towne Salute: Jan Hardin of Mid Shore Community Mediation Center

By Nicole Gould, May 18, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

Over the last four years, Hardin has been an avid volunteer at the Mid Shore Community Mediation Center (MSCMC) in Easton.

Towne Salute: Tricia Sanborn, Arts Council of Anne Arundel County

By Nicole Gould, May 10, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

Sanborn spends approximately 15 hours a week volunteering for multiple non-profit organizations including the ACAAC and We Care and Friends.

Towne Salute: Bill and Margaret “Margi” Maynard of Historic London Town and Gardens

By Caley Breese, Apr 14, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

This husband and wife team has been volunteering at Historic London Town and Gardens in Edgewater for nine years.

Towne Salute: Bill Shrieves of St. Michaels Rotary

By Arden Haley, Apr 07, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

Bill Shrieves of McDaniel, Maryland is an avid volunteer, a marathon runner, and most of all a beacon of hope for those who have been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

Towne Salute: Tom Saquella of Talisman Therapeutic Riding

By Nicole Gould, Mar 28, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

After retiring, Saquella did not know what the next chapter of his life would bring when he met Anne L. Joyner, Founder and CEO of Talisman Therapeutic Riding. But the rest is history.

Towne Salute: Sally Mastroberti of Positive Strides

By Arden Haley, Mar 03, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

Jumping in feet first, Mastroberti has become a valued volunteer at Positive Strides, being an integral part of their Injury Prevention & Nutrition seminars.

Towne Salute: Susan Noble and Lori Coogan of Hero Boys Run Club

By Arden Haley, Feb 13, 2017, Categories: Community, Today

The pilot program, named HERO Boys Run Club, was launched in 2013 at Arnold Elementary School.