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At-Home Workout Gadget Guide

Getting to the gym in those cold winter months can be a drag and is often challenging. Here, we look at some popular at-home workout gadgets that claim a great workout and fast results!

Over-Indulger, Under-Estimator, or Eliminator? 3 Fitness Mentalities to Avoid

Like most things in life, balance and moderation are key—and combining the positive elements of each fitness mentality listed below is key in reaching your health goals.

A to Z of Fitness: A “Gym-Speak” Glossary

. We culled together this introductory guide to gym-speak to help lessen that fear-of-the-unknown, so you can, instead, hone your focus on fitness.

Belly Up to the Barre…and Maybe Lose Some of it!

Ballet-inspired workouts can be found at a host of boutique fitness studios and traditional gyms, all promising a full-body workout that will create long, lean muscles.

HIIT VS LISS: High-Intensity versus Low-Intensity Workouts

From running to resistance training and all those aerobic and anaerobic exercises in between, fitness, like most things in life, is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

His Vs Hers: What’s Up with Gender-Specific Fitness?

We met with Danny Lee, Director of Personal Training at Gold’s Gym in Crofton, to discuss exercise habits and learn a few tips for better training.