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At-Home Workout Gadget Guide

Dec 27, 2017 ● By Caley Breese

Getting to the gym in those cold winter months can be a drag and is often challenging. Here, we look at some popular at-home workout gadgets that claim a great workout and fast results!

Over-Indulger, Under-Estimator, or Eliminator? 3 Fitness Mentalities to Avoid

Jan 04, 2017 ● By Becca Newell

Like most things in life, balance and moderation are key—and combining the positive elements of each fitness mentality listed below is key in reaching your health goals.

A to Z of Fitness: A “Gym-Speak” Glossary

Dec 07, 2016 ● By Becca Newell

. We culled together this introductory guide to gym-speak to help lessen that fear-of-the-unknown, so you can, instead, hone your focus on fitness.

Belly Up to the Barre…and Maybe Lose Some of it!

Dec 07, 2016 ● By Becca Newell

Ballet-inspired workouts can be found at a host of boutique fitness studios and traditional gyms, all promising a full-body workout that will create long, lean muscles.

HIIT VS LISS: High-Intensity versus Low-Intensity Workouts

Sep 28, 2016 ● By Becca Newell

From running to resistance training and all those aerobic and anaerobic exercises in between, fitness, like most things in life, is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

His Vs Hers: What’s Up with Gender-Specific Fitness?

Mar 09, 2016 ● By Becca Newell

We met with Danny Lee, Director of Personal Training at Gold’s Gym in Crofton, to discuss exercise habits and learn a few tips for better training.