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Chesapeake Beer Madness

Oct 10, 2011 ● By Anonymous

Chesapeake Beer Madness 2011 has officially ended. It's been a great month for voters in the Chesapeake region and their votes have helped us determine the 2011 Championship winner! Without further ado, the Chesapeake Beer Madness Championship winner taking the title of Best Local Beer in the Chesapeake region for the third year in a row, is Evolution Craft Brewing Company for the fabulous performance of their Lot 3 IPA! Congratulations to Evo for their undefeated reign. Congrats to Old Dominion for holding on and making it to the Championship as well! Thank you to all of our participating breweries, it's been sheer madness, beer madness! See you next year!    Below are results for each Chesapeake Beer Madness bracket. Competing Breweries       Votes                 ChampionshipWinner Evolution Lot 3 IPA Old Dominion Oak Barrel  Stout 230 143 Evolution Craft Brewing Company's Lot 3 IPA   CompetingBreweries Total Votes Semi Finalist Winner Evolution Lot 3 IPAFlying Dog Raging Bitch 21562 Evolution Lot 3 IPA Old Dominion Oak Barrel  StoutFordham Helles Lager 7445 Old Dominion OakBarrel Stout Competing Breweries Total Votes Elite 8 Winner Flying Dog Raging BitchHeavy Seas Loose Cannon 3531  Flying Dog Raging Bitch Old Dominion Oak Barrel StoutBurley Oak Pale Rye-der 5218  Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout Fordham Helles LagerBalt-Wash Raven Lager 4827 Fordham Helles Lager Evolution Lot 3 IPA16 Mile Old Court Ale 8417 Evolution Lot 3 IPA Competing Breweries Online Votes  Beer MadnessKickoffVotes Total Sweet 16Winner ResurrectionRaging Bitch 133122 6389 196211 Flying Dog Raging Bitch Oak Barrel StoutBackdraft Brown 14554 10549 250103 Old Dominion Oak Barrel Stout Helles LagerMarzen 9288 8072 172160 Fordham Helles Lager Pale Rye-derSt. Michaels Ale 100116 8865 188 181 Burley Oak Pale Rye-der KolschRaven Lager 5796 6292 119188 Baltimore-WashingtonBeer Works Raven Lager Lord Wimsey Mile Pale Ale16 Mile Old Court Ale 10570 38117 143187 16 Mile Old Court Ale Draft Punk IPALoose Cannon American Hop3 Ale 65191 6388 128279 Heavy Seas' Loose Cannon AmericanHop3 Ale Northern Lights IPALot 3 IPA 30195 7377 103272 Evolution's Lot 3 IPA Thank you to all of our participating breweries!

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