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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

Happy New Year! Friday Events Roundup.

Feb 04, 2011 ● By Anonymous

In the Chinese lunar calendar, yesterday marked the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. With that in mind, it’s time to hop into a brand new weekend of events. For the Kids … Ever thought about taking your children to the opera? My guess is probably not. It’s time to change your tune. The Annapolis Opera is putting on a performance of Hansel and Gretel at the Maryland Hall Main Stage. With fairies, a witch and a house made of candy, the little ones are sure to be enticed. And it’s only 7 bucks, so you can bring the whole brood for less than the cost of a movie. For the Grownups … If you’re looking for something a bit more adult, head to the Bowie Playhouse in White Marsh Park to check out Sordid Lives. This dark comedy is described by director John Nunemaker as “a bit racy.” The plot deals with the aftermath of the death of Peggy, the family matriarch, who dies in a tragic accident after tripping over her paramour’s wooden leg. Hilarity ensues in the name of infidelity, revenge and other family strife. It will make you feel grateful your family is not that crazy. For the Whole Family … Enjoy the slightly warmer weather and celebrate Black History Month by taking an African American Heritage Tour downtown courtesy of Watermark Cruises and the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation. If you’ve never noticed the memorial to the famous author of Roots at City Dock, it’s time you took this two-hour stroll to discover more about the city. You’ll also pay a visit to the Thurgood Marshall Memorial near the State House – something I need to check out myself. And don’t forget that next weekend’s Valentine’s Day. Gentlemen, it’s time to buy those tickets and make those dinner reservations so you can stay out of the doghouse for another year.

Beyond Therapy

Feb 01, 2011 ● By Anonymous

To appease fan requests as well as celebrate their 10th anniversary, The Bay Theatre Company in Annapolis decided to bring back its popular fall-out-of-your-chair-comedy production Beyond Therapy. This comical show, that appeared on Broadway in 1981, was the premiere production of BTC and has always been a fan (and actor) favorite ever since. It is running from February 11 through March 12.

Interactive Photography Exhibit opening today at Kohl Gallery

Jan 31, 2011 ● By Anonymous

A new interactive photography exhibit at the Gibson Center for the Arts at Washington College gives new—and positive—meaning to the phrase “phone it in.” The exhibit, “Photography Exposed,” provides QR Codes, or “Quick Read” matrix barcodes, that can be scanned by any iPhone, Android phone or new generation iPod (those with cameras).

I'm Chilling Out This Weekend

Jan 28, 2011 ● By Anonymous

Last night's snow storm had me stuck in my house this morning when all I wanted to do was go out and see how everyone else was enjoying the weather. It also got me thinking about a certain chilly event that's coming up this weekend: the Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point. While you may know about this event, particularly due to the volunteers who have been dutifully putting up signs along Routes 3 and 2 for the past few weeks, did you know that thousands of others around the country are following in our chilly footsteps – and all for the Special Olympics?

Latin Quarter Art Show

Jan 28, 2011 ● By Anonymous

Serving up more than their signature dirty rice and sangria, The Latin Quarter, located on West Street in downtown Annapolis, hosted its first ever art show that featured local artists James Cordle, Jessica Plummer, Sterling Schlegel, and Taj Vaccarella who collectively showcased more than 50 works.


Jan 28, 2011 ● By Anonymous

Originally developed in the UK, the unique combination of percussion, movement, and visual comedy of STOMP has remained an international phenomenon for more than 20 years. STOMP has been performed in 36 countries worldwide and is currently on tour for a limited engagement at the Warner Theatre from January 25-30 in Washington, D.C. where What’s Up? was invited to attend its opening night performance.Being a STOMP rookie I anticipated performers to spend the two-hour show dancing with brooms and banging paint cans—boy, was I wrong. The eight-member cast used more than 20 props, which ranged from lighters to chairs to tractor tires, to create dynamic sounds in expertly choreographed routines that had the audience [and me] captivated. The musical performance is jam-packed with banging, clapping, slapping, snapping, beating, dancing, drumming, and yes, stomping, but sprinkled throughout were also comedic elements, which was an unexpected surprise and done with virtually no dialogue. STOMP creators, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, work to stay true to the original premise of the show, which is to create rhythmic music with instantly recognizable objects, and do it with an eccentric sense of character and humor. And I’d have to say that’s exactly what I experienced at this must-see fun and family-friendly show.D.C. tour performers include: John Angeles, Jaclynn Bridges, Donisha Brown, Andre Fernandez, Cammie Green, Michael Landis, Guy Mandozzi, Justin Myles, John Sawicki, Mike Silvia, Elec Simon, and Nicholas Young.Tickets for STOMP are available at the Warner Theatre Box Office, online at,, or via phone at 800-551-7328. {gallery}stomp{/gallery}

When Pigs Fly

Jan 26, 2011 ● By Anonymous

When Pigs Fly is a particularly moving account of an incredible journey with an unexpected outcome.

Premiere of "Shooting Star" at Everyman Theatre

Jan 24, 2011 ● By Anonymous

If you are of a certain age and had the opportunity to have a face-to-face chat with an old lover, someone your broke up with over 20 years ago, would you want to have that conversation?

The Grascals and Friends

Jan 17, 2011 ● By Anonymous

If you are a blue grass enthusiast and enjoy stamping your foot to the sounds of the banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and fiddle played by expert musicians, you’ll want to get your hands on the latest CD just out from The Grascals entitled “The Grascals and Friends.”

Art with Attitude

Jan 13, 2011 ● By Anonymous

The building is old, with seasoned oak floors and tall plastered ceilings, but the exhibits are fresh and controversial—designed to compel thought and conversation. The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore has remained true to its mission to produce thought-provoking exhibitions and innovative programs since its founding in 1989. During its first 10 years of existence, the museum had no permanent home, yet coordinated and produced events and exhibits in temporary locations. During this period, the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland Historical Society, Walters Art Museum, and Peabody Conservatory all housed exhibits on behalf of the Contemporary Museum. In 1999 the museum secured a permanent location in the historic Mount Vernon district, next door to the Walters Art Museum.
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