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Is It Fall Yet? or a Day at Terrapin Adventures

Mar 24, 2011 ● By Anonymous

After blogging about Terrapin Adventures a couple week ago, I felt the urge to experience it for myself, so I somehow convinced my little brother to tag along with me to the Beer and Fear event last Saturday. Of course, the fear portion took place first, since the rules strictly forbade attempting any of the challenge events while tipsy. My brother and I arrived at Terrapin Adventures, which is conveniently located right next to the Historic Savage Mill mall in Savage, and we're immediately suited up in our helmets and harnesses -- well, after signing a form saying we wouldn't sue if we plummeted ... okay, moving on. It's worth noting that everything is done with safety in mind. We were not even allowed to climb a ladder without being clipped onto a rope with a carabiner. The first rule we were taught, in fact, was "never unclip," meaning the only person allowed to unhook you was a person that works at the establishment. No reason to be a hero here.First, we headed to the high ropes course.And when I say high, I mean high. It actually has three levels to it. The first obstacle was simply crossing a wire while holding on to a wire overhead. It was easier for my brother, who is 6' 4", but not so simple for me, a good foot shorter than that. Somehow, I made it across and was greeted by a couple easier obstacles. Yay! These were a kind of rope bridge and a log that you could simply walk across quickly, as long as you didn't look down. Then, it was time to climb up to the next level, a good 10 feet higher up, if I had to guess. The first obstacle on this level was the extreme torture cargo net. You had to climb across it sideways. The guide told us to stay near the top of the net, since that would be the easiest way to get across. Of course, I immediately lose my footing and end up near the bottom. I would like to credit my kickboxing instructor and his insistence on copious numbers of push-ups for my being able to complete this one. After completing two levels of the ropes course (we didn't have time for the ominous looking level three -- higher up still), my brother and I headed for the giant swing. It reminded me a bit of the Skycoaster at King's Dominion, although it wasn't quite as high and you didn't have to wear a complete jumpsuit, just the good old helmet and harness. I let my brother pull the rope, and if you go, remember that you have to pull it hard. If not, you may slip off of the swing a bit, and your sister might laugh at you. Just saying.Anyway, it's a huge adrenaline rush dropping from that height, especially when your line catches you and you drift back in the other direction at high speed. Finally, I got to try the zipline. It included another wire crossing that was not too shorter person friendly to arrive at the zipline, but it was totally worth it. (a) it required no athletic ability for those who were already tired and sore, aka, me. (b) it was scary jumping off the platform to "take off," but it's amazing whizzing across the sky. After trying the zipline again, backwards, it was time to retreat to the Rams Head for beer. We were given a sampler and then a pint of the brew we chose as our favorite. Dinner was also included; a great way to finish the day. I also had the chance to drag my brother around the mall, shopping for art, ice cream and of course, books. This part isn't mandatory though. If you'd like to attend Beer and Fear, I was told that they hold the event at least once a month. Check out the event calendar at

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