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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

The Tale of Tailey Whaley’s Tail

Annapolis author Charles Boyle has paired with Everett Davidson to create a charming children’s book about a whale who uses his tail to fly. The hardback 32 page book is filled with expressive and sometimes comical colorful characters that illustrate the story dealing with dealing with “differences”.

All the Queen's Players

I was excited about reviewing this book because I did what I was always instructed not to: I judged the book by its cover, expecting a typical paperback romance novel. While romance is involved, the story and characters are much more intricate.

Oscar and Olive Osprey A Family Take Flight

Watching the Ospreys that make the Chesapeake Bay region their home has long intrigued many boaters and wild life enthusiasts, but what about children? Why should youngsters spend their time passively watching life via a TV set, when there are so many exciting things to observe in the wild?

Annapolis Sailing Capital of Maryland

“Annapolis Sailing Capital of Maryland” is the eighth book produced by Miller, who specializes in capturing the beauty of historic landmarks, people, and landscapes with his camera and his artistic eye. The fourth book in his series on Maryland, the oversized coffee table contains 168 pages and 419 photographs.

Hail to the Cheat

While we’ve heard all those true life stories about philandering politicians, what would happen if the scorned wife decided that she refused to forgive and forget? In fact, rather than let her husband just continue with “business as usual” she decided to assume his political power.

Books By Local Authors

Whenever I walk into a bookstore, time is suspended. I pick up the books, fascinated by the titles and covers. I select a volume that looks particularly appealing and browse through the words and sentences. Does the story capture my interest? Should I buy this book to take home and enjoy? My hours for pleasure reading are few, but the next best thing is to buy a book as a gift for a friend. So when the holiday season arrives, I look forward to purchasing stacks of books to give as gifts.

The Defector

by Daniel Silva, 2009 Don't take this book to the beach. You'll never make it out of your chair. It's quite long-462 pages- but it is the quintessential page-turner.  I read it over a weekend (OK, I need to get a life, but it was a gripping story)

Remembering Kent Island

By Brent Lewis Perhaps it was the opening of the Bay Bridge in 1952, the addition of a second bridge span in 1973, or a new sewer system in the 1980s that introduced a wave of building construction—but whatever the impetus, Kent Island is undergoing many changes as the second decade of the 2lst century approaches.  

A History of Waterman, Sails, & Midshipman

“MARITIME ANNAPOLIS: Maritime Annapolis: A History of Waterman, Sails, & Midshipman” written by journalist and Annapolis resident Rosemary F. Williams sets out to provide an overview of the city’s love affair with the Bay and the Severn River.

Five New Books Recently Released By Local Authors

Five brand-new books have recently been published by local authors. Diverse in terms of genres and storyline, four of the five are works of fiction. All of the books, like their authors, have a connection with the Chesapeake Bay Region.