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Harris Crab House & Seafood Restaurant

After a long, snowy winter we were looking forward to being outside, enjoying the warm weather, and partaking of an experience unique to our region. Every year, there’s something special about dining outdoors for the first time while watching the sun set, especially at an area mainstay like Harris Crab House.

O'Brien's Oyster Bar and Grill

Many of us think of O’Brien’s as a great pub and a great place to have a good time—I’m one of them. It’s also a great place to simply have a good dinner in a relaxed and casual setting.

Carrol's Creek Cafe

Since 1983, “Carrol’s Creek brings you a new American tradition of dining that is founded in the time-honored heritage of a colonial town rich with seafood, culture, and style,” says the restaurant’s website. I have to agree and even add, “…in a modern, classic, and trendy setting.” Although Annapolis offers a wide variety and an extraordinary palette of tastes, flavor styles, and culture, Celia and I always enjoy returning to Carrol’s Creek Café. And, just like at many other area restaurants, the water view and bustling nearby marinas makes it a little extra special.

Latitude 38°

On a cool, spring evening, friends Chad and Mary joined us on our picturesque drive to Oxford. The season’s air filled the car as we passed wide-open spaces and meandered through seemingly dense forestland, every so often catching a glimpse of grand homes, as we made our way along the final stretch of Route 333 towards Oxford.

Review | The Wild Orchid

Though it’s in a new location, Karen and Jim Wilder’s Wild Orchid continues to offer delicious food in a classy atmosphere.


If you like dining adventure and you’re a food lover as I am, you have to stay open-minded when you are trying a new restaurant with unfamiliar, ethnic dishes. That is exactly what we did, and we were well rewarded for it! A few steps up West Street, we visited India’s, which has served traditional, authentic dishes of regional India for 14 years at this location, and close to 18 years in Annapolis.

The Main Ingredient

For nearly two decades now, the Main Ingredient, led by Evie Loftus and Jenny Francis, has been consistent in offering our region an impressive catering business. We visited the accompanying café a couple of years ago or so, and returned this time to a quite delightful little dinner.

Friday Night Cocktails: The Gingerbread Man

This holiday-inspired cocktail is made with Lucid Absinthe, the first genuine version of absinthe made with Grande Wormwood to be legal in the United States in 95 years.

Working Lunch: Metro Diner Cafe

Welcome to Working Lunch. We review a restaurant in Annapolis or on the Eastern Shore from the perspective of nine-to-fivers getting lunch in the middle of their workday. Hence, pace and cost will be factored differently than you’d expect from a typical restaurant review, which is usually from the perspective of a dinner experience. By Kelsey Collins & Emily WilsonHow we got there: Metro Silver Diner is located in the back of the Annapolis Towne Centre, right under Target. We parked in the garage attached to the building and headed in.

Legal Spirits in Easton to close

Legal Spirits Restaurant and Tavern in Easton will close by the end of the year, according to an article in Sunday's Star Democrat.The tavern, which was voted to have the best Cream of Crab Soup on the Eastern Shore by the readers of What's Up? this year, is owned by Tim Quinn and John Dodson, who decided not to purchase the space they were leasing for the restaurant. Luckily for our readers, the cream of crab soup will continue to be sold hot, cold, or frozen out of Easton Antiques & Art Gallery. Replacing Legal Spirits will be a steakhouse/tavern opened by Stephen Mangasarian and Tom Haschen. It will be modeled after a 1930s New York-style steakhouse, serving bangers and mash, steaks, and shepherd's pie. The new restaurant does not yet have a name, but they hope to open in late February or early March.